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Apathy, Chapter 30 Apathetic Coma

As Daisy approached Marco’s house, she found a sense of dread wash over her, she wasn’t exactly sure why, but there was an aura of hate that seemed to engulf the house. Rancid’s Black lung played as the car was put into park. Marco smirked and said something that Daisy didn’t understand. All she did was shrug before leaving the vehicle. Marco, confused, nodded, and closed the door behind him. The lights were turned on, and the house seemed to be in order. Nothing out of the norm, except for the smell… something was rotten.

“Where are your parents?” Daisy asked as she scanned the house.

“They’ve been gone, don’t really know if they’ll be back… end of the world shit,” Marco lied.

“Do you have any beer?” Read more…

Gaps of Knowledge

Perk your ears up, but keep your ass down.
The markings on the wall cast a shadow that can’t be described.
Nobody was asking for your opinion
and God knows that we all know you’re holding back.
It’s a shame that the mind wants to make it all about you
and we all know you, oh, too well.
The measurement counters your weathering from the last six months
and you still don’t know shit,
because Christianity melds the cracks in your thinking,
but that only goes so far.
Nasty is the word that you were thinking about.
The crusty memories of an unbridled weekend.
Making up for lost religion.
You’re only learning, and you can only go so far before you understand,

but sadly it’s possible not to learn.
It’s sad that you could never know your own experience.
Paste in the gaps of knowledge with a pretext from ignorant people.

Heretextual Heresy

The perspicacity of a mind dwindles
amongst the need of the body
from sex and drugs with stale meaninglessness.
We just assume that this is what life was made for
but we sadly just fall for our fruitless nature.

The dirge marches and we’re just existing
for a reason that we just can’t put our digit on
but we try and it’s sad and vexing.
The sheepishness of our vapid thoughts
finger what’s left of our damaged glands.

‘nother year, ‘nother life and time stagger on with no quip but catachresis.
Another fear of our strife as life stammers in understanding its own crisis.


Languished Legacy

The local luster lands limp
Boy makes good, a shameful statement
Belly up to the bar for something to sip
The face swells, along with the gut, that’s my physical resent.
Wasn’t there a reason?
Wasn’t there something I was supposed to do?

Forlorn welcomed as the pariah marinates
Intimate fixtures of the bar with organs that fester
God damn this life’s failures where the mind fixates
Another life, one well to do, success forgiver.
What was I supposed to do?
Where has my gumption gone?

Listless lust lingers for the loveless
Hateful resent clouds my involvement.
There’s nothing like running from success.
Just the lack of personal improvement.

Dank and dingy, the chemical flush in an out of the body.
Amongst the fear of a hard day’s work.
There’s a place to go and a place to be but can’t stand steady.
Another drink, another day, one more cigarette- fuck.

Wasn’t there a reason?
Wasn’t there something I was supposed to do?
What was I supposed to do?
Where has my gumption gone?

Listless lethargy
Languished Legacy
Listless lethargy
Languished Legacy…

Apathy, Chapter 29 Back to the Earth

Unsure of what to do and where to go, Ronnie suggested to head back home, but Daisy refused to listen. She, instead, got out of the car at an intersection and began walking in an arbitrary direction. Jim followed with no thought of his own safety, and Ronnie drove around the corner and found a place to park. As Daisy walked, she heard the sound of anger and dismay.

“Daisy, where are you…” Jim began to ask as he followed behind her when he heard the sound, he asked, “The hell is that?”

“Dunno…” Daisy responded in a daze. She hadn’t heard the noise before she exited the car, but something told her to not give up yet. Eventually, Ronnie caught up with the two after Daisy had discovered what had happened. The searing roar of violence engulfed a city building. As the weeks in the dark ages went on, the world didn’t know how to deal with the lack of communication and technology. So, when accidents, murders, and eventual hateful transgressions occurred, nobody knew what to do until a body was found on the corner of a random street.

Somebody yelled, “What are we supposed to do with these bodies!?”

An official who had been standing at the scene responded by saying, “We’re writing up contracts, and as soon as we find a crew, the bodies will be cleaned up.”

A voice yelled, “That’s not soon enough!”

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Apathy, Chapter 28 Redundancies

After hours of waiting and nothing being said except that Albert had been released, Daisy, Ronnie, and Jim agreed to take the young girl home. Maybe Albert was there, but with no line of communication that he did have readily, it made no sense to think that something but foul play was involved- they tried not to think about it. As they approached the neighborhood, something felt off. There were dark red puddles that driveled down into the gutters from the middle of the street- the street smelled like iron. Something was wrong, and nobody knew exactly what to do when they approached the empty lot that used to be Daisy’s house, she panicked.

“What the fuck!” Daisy yelled with little regard to Daisy, who had gone through a similar event so many years ago. “No fucking way! This is bullshit!” She was in shock and didn’t seem to understand why this would be happening. She opened the door of the car, which was not at a complete stop, and ran out. Her feet fumbled, and she fell on her chest in the middle of the street before she quickly got up and ran to the rubble of her domicile. Mrs. Fields came walking out of her house and greeted Daisy- she couldn’t feel the blood draining out of her elbows, but her neighbor dabbed them with her shirt as she cried.

“Why is this shit happening?” Daisy cried.

Mrs. Fields said, “It was so much worse than that. Thank God you weren’t home.”

“Where’s my dad?”

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Apathy, Chapter 27 Moot

A gun sat neatly in Daisy’s purse, she had often thought about it, and it made her sick to ever think that she would have to use it, but the need almost engulfed the older woman as she ignored the similar feelings that the younger version had been going through.

When the two found their way to Jim and Ronnie, they were standing outside of the police station. I wanted to pistol whip the two for not standing up for my goddamn dad.

Who were these men, anyway? I thought as the two attempted to explain themselves. You could tell that they knew that they were in the wrong. I asked what happened just as Daisy had said the same thing, and the two ignored me and froze in a strange acceptance of fear. They were definitely afraid of her, but why? I mean, she was dying right there in front of us.

Daisy asked in an angered tone that evoked the exact amount of fear that would conjure up the ability to act out of character, “What exactly are you two fucks doing just standing around here when they’re trying to put Albert away for murder?!”

Ronnie took a step forward in a cowardly away and said, “They won’t even let us talk to him.” These moments were passing through my mind as I stared in the cold eyes of who was to be known as the “Superior Officer.” He didn’t hesitate, nor did he say much but that Albert, my dad, was let go. Let go, out into the world where it would be up to him to decide what he would be doing. I found that odd, knowing that just a few hours ago we got a phone call, a phone call that I was told would have been impossible to have been made. They assured us that their systems weren’t up yet. Their systems can’t even make a normal phone call, so they said. This doesn’t make any sense. Read more…

Drama Queen

The nature at which my mind wonders is about half the notion of which where it stammers to do simple thought or just be-
human is not a thing one does well.
My stomach is tucked away neatly in my throat and I don’t see the end of this pain.
The pain at which that has plagued my body for the last…
I was going to say few, but it had been far too long with this pain.
This feeling of neglect for my self as a person that has somehow manifested itself in a welt that bleeds and dictates my comfort.
I am not comfortable and I hadn’t in the last few years, but that’s beside the point.
The boiling point subsides itself by the mere guidance or lack there of.
It’s the point at which my mind explodes with rage and indignities,
but I hadn’t done that yet.
I’m looking for solace, Ringo.
Yet there seems to be no point to meander.
The fleshy overtones that cascade our lives are frivolous.
They’re just another reminder of the ever impending doom that plagued existence for the better part of forever.
Simple yet powerful waves of destruction reach the innermost emptiness of human existence-
The thing that we strive to do, survive.
Like a beetle trying to shit out larva to maintain a reason for being,
we humans do that with little regard to our actual reason for-

The dire circumstances that revolve around the reveled disdain of our fallacy of existence crumble on one notion that bleeds out the ass as much as it heals.

Apathy, Chapter 26 Red Tape

The hospital room was overly lit as Albert laid there with a hole in his arm and an understandable disdain for the rat bastards that handcuffed his good arm to the bed. At this time in his life, he could barely rent a car. The vibrations in the operating room were hectic, he could feel the intensity of the doctors. They didn’t care if he lived, but would rather have him die. He was affiliated with a gang that was later translated into the video game state as Grove Street. Albert found himself trying his damndest to think of excuses as to why he had been seen with Shay, let alone shot in the arm when he was with her. The malnourished looking white girl that had a reputation for sucking a cock for the better part of a five dollar bill- this was a lie, but her reputation wasn’t that far off from the truth. So, when a jilted ex of hers found out that she was fraternizing with a lackadaisical gang banger named Albert, well it was a matter of time before the two were punished for being free individuals. Read more…

Apathy, Chapter 25 Return to Normalcy

All it took was John’s phone to ring for him to know that he needed to get down to the radio station.

The mic cracked, and without a musical bed, he yelled, “Holey Moley! I’m Savage Henry and welcome back America! Wow! I can’t believe that after, I don’t even know how long it had been, but damn! Things have gotten pretty nutty in the last remaining time on this Earth. Have you looked up to the sky? That effin’ rock looming upon us, we get it! Just a matter of time, I suppose. Let’s just hope we have all gotten our ducks in a row, because… well because! There’s so much to get to and no way of doing that, so here’s something I know that nobody is sick of, MUSIC!” The Rolling Stones’ Start Me Up started to play as John’s headphones flew off his head. He yelled to his producer, who was still half asleep, “Hey, where’s the fucking news? I’m looking at my prep, and all I got is that nonsense about global warming. This is major, man!”

Erik, the producer, nodded and said, “I’m sorry, we’re barely getting back online right now, I can’t print anything out until-” Read more…