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Apathy, Chapter 35 Easy Peasy

November 6, 2019

You got this…

Just twenty minutes…

Think of the money. Think of… shit…

Dear Lord, forgive me.

The words emanated in the cabin of the car. He knew that there was an injustice, but that didn’t necessarily mean that he knew that he was doing anything for the right reasons. The car sat there, unknowingly being watched by a sickly woman and a reluctant partner.

Daisy looked to Jim and asked, “What the hell is that guy doing?”

From a distance, it looked like he was shaking off wet hands.

Jim nodded and said, “I have no fucking clue.” The two sat in their car and just watched as James cracked just about every joint he could in his body.

You got this. You got this, and oh! You got this! 

The mantra continued in his head right as he pulled out a pistol from a holster under his armpit. He kissed it and returned it to its proper place. The door closed behind him, and he made his way to the front door of the cop with the Impala’s house. He knocked and waited… then knocked again… nobody answered.

“I think we should call the cops.”

“Who is that guy?”

“Jim, call the police,” Daisy said as she wrote down the Lincoln Continental’s license plates. When she looked up from her piece of paper, her whole world was sent into a panic. “Where the fuck did he go!?”

Jim looked up from his phone and yelled, “What the fuck!?” There was silence, well except for the gentle rattling of the Lincoln Continental.

James knew what would happen, and it would happen much like a movie. The song Back Stabbers by The O’Jays would start playing, and the back sliding glass door will shatter. The owner of the home who happened to be a cop will get shot in the hand, his fingers would go in just about every direction when another bullet subdues the man by puncturing his torso, right underneath his ribcage. The wife would scream and attempt to run, but James would stop her immediately and put her to sleep with some sort of chokehold. He would then walk over to the cop and tell him that he knows what he had been up to and that he needs to understand that he will be punished for his actions. When the cop attempts to fight back, James will put a bullet in his shoulder. Get the answers he needs, and then he’ll kill the fuck.

“Easy Peasy.”

The cop was taking his pants off when he said, “Alexa, play Tom Jones.” I’m Alive, the Tom Jones version started to play when a loud clap of thunder echoed through the house. The sliding glass door didn’t break, and James ran around the side of the house. The cop barely heard it when James found that he had inadvertently found an advantage point. An open window the couple’s bedroom. James ducked and watched until he felt that he could get a clear shot at the cop’s lower stomach. The woman moaned as her husband pulled her on top of himself, she then screamed bloody fucking murder when the bullet shattered her hip bone.

“Shit!” James said quietly to himself as he let a few more bullets fly. The cop leaped over onto his wife to shelter her, and three shots caught the man. Two in the back and one in the head. The cop didn’t move until a few more bullets found their way into the chest and torso of the woman beneath him. She had accidentally pushed her husband off of her when James let out the rest of his magazine. “Fuck…”

Thirty seconds later, the Lincoln was just as panicked as it drove recklessly to the highway. Daisy thought about following, but Jim suggested to flee the scene altogether. The two argued until they heard sirens blaring.

“Fuck, I c…” Daisy began to stammer, which didn’t help her make a decision.

Jim shook her shoulder and said, “I don’t think we should be here.”

As the car began to creep forward before Daisy could put her foot on the gas, a helicopter flew over them and with a blaring voice, said, “Pull your vehicle over and put your hands where we can see them!”

The fear hit Daisy, that was when a random car swung itself around a corner and ran through a house’s living room wall. The confusion scared Daisy enough to get her to start driving as fast as she could. She hurried out of the neighborhood like a bat out of hell, and so did the other car. It was a scramble. Daisy hadn’t noticed that Jim was looking for an appropriate song to play when Highway Star by Deep Purple started to blare out of the radio. The two cars drove off in opposite directions, which made Daisy feel somewhat at ease by the situation. Still, the sirens in the background put a lot of pressure on the poor woman- and if it wasn’t the damnedest thing, the cancer, that was fought tooth and nail by this frail human being wouldn’t be the end of her- it would be was the ensuing heart attack would put her down in about thirty minutes time. That was just enough time to get the car going at a high speed of 90 miles per hour before she died.

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