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Apathy, Chapter 34 Casualties

October 16, 2019

Them Changes by Buddy Miles emanated from the classic Lincoln Continental as it slowly made its way to the police department. A man, who looked to be at least six feet and some change, sat scrunched as he waited for the light to change. His head slightly nodded with the music despite being nervous. He had a snub-nosed revolver in his breast pocket and a myriad of uppers and downers that he couldn’t decide whether to take or not. Dammit, he thought to himself as the light turned green. The car slowly turned into the parking lot. The window was down, and he could hear the gravel shifting underneath the tires. The man parked, and he got out of his car slowly with disregard to anticipation.

His shoes were immaculate, and so was his wardrobe- he had a blazer on, a shirt that had a shine to it, and a pair of pants that seemed to go on for miles. He checked his hair,  but as his friends would say, his hair hadn’t moved since 1997. After taking a deep breath, he walked into the police department and found that it was more of a disaster than he had anticipated, The place was packed with women and men pleading to see their loved ones, but the officer on duty stated that he had no record of anybody by any name in their precinct. Bullshit, he thought as he introduced himself to the officer a mere forty minutes after arriving.

He placed his right hand on his chest, and as civil as he could, he said, “Hello, my name is James, and I am looking for a man by the name of Marcus Mueller. He was taken several weeks ago and-“

“Sir, we have nobody in custody by that name.”

“Sir? Sir, you do realize that there’s proof that he was taken here, so I’m not exactly sure what your-”

“We have nobody in custody, except for the three. Three drug dealers, that’s it. Nobody else is-”

“Mind if I see for myself?”

Twenty minutes later, James found himself with no answers at to where Marcus was, so he asked, “Do you know if there’s an Officer Wyatt here? I would like to ask him a couple of-”

“Wyatt’s been dismissed.”


“I cannot tell you the details, but he’s no longer with us.”

“He’s dead?”


“Oh. Where?”

“I can’t tell you. Best be on your way.”

James nodded and took a step back, and with a smile, nodded again and walked over to the waiting area and sat down. All he did was listen. The group of grieving victims who were asking for their loved ones talked loudly, and nobody would answer the question of where they had gone.

So, James talked to them and found a trend. He walked back up to the officer on duty and said, “You’re aware that these-”

“You saw our jail cells, we don’t have these people. I don’t-”

“They said that they were arrested by your officers.”

“They might be at some other precinct. They’re not here.”

“And Marcus Mueller? I mean, he had been arrested by Wyatt before, but there’s no need to pretend that he wasn’t brought here. You have to have some sort of record-”

“None. He wasn’t taken here, and Wyatt is no longer at-”

“When did he transfer?”

“A week ago.”

“Oh good, then you can look up the records and find that Marcus was arrested two weeks ago, you know, in the middle of the darkness.”

“I told you-”

“And I told you, at least look goddamnit.”


“Just like that?”

“Yeah, go home.”

The two stared each other down for a second when the officer on duty put his hand on his pistol. James nodded and walked away. He sat in his car and contemplated calling his employer for a quick minute, but decided against it. He put his car in reverse and backed out of his parking spot. He needed to get out of the area as soon as he could. “I fucking hate the IE,” he said to himself. He decided not to go out the way that he came, there were too many traffic lights, and as he rounded the parking lot, he found something suspect.

He parked and found that the fresh drops of blood that were coming from the police department garage meant more than just anything at this moment. He returned to his car and made a phone call.

“Hey, hi! So-”

“You found something, didn’t you?”

“It’s not much, but it could mean something.”

“What is it?”

“Wyatt has been moved, transferred. I couldn’t get much, but the fact that there are a lot of people who came to this precinct disappeared. I did find something, however.”

“What is it?”

“Blood. Drops. It goes on down the road. I wasn’t going to call you, but this is enough. Send your guys, and I’ll find out where the blood takes me.”

“OK… shit.”

“I share your sentiment.”

“What do you think?”

“I am not sure, but they aren’t really answering anybody’s questions except for that the jail cells are just about empty, except for 3 drug dealers. I think the fourth was taken elsewhere.”

“So, they have three of my guys?”

“Yeah, but I don’t understand why, I mean, if they have enough evidence for them but not… what was his name?”


“They might have disposed of him on their own terms.”

“My guys are going down there.”

“Alright. Try not to kill too many casualties.”

“I can’t promise much, but we’ll try.”

“Sure, OK.”

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