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Apathy, Chapter 32 Narcissistic Whimsy

September 24, 2019

The day exhausted and dwindled away behind the mountains. It was a devastatingly harsh summer, last year, and this year seemed to yield into something livable for the inhabits of the Earth. The doom still sat in the sky, and the people started making up doomsday clocks just to attempt to anticipate the destruction that loomed over upon the horizon. The feelings of the undistracted seemed to share sentimental explanations of rudimentary expressions of love, while the distracted went on with their narcissistic whimsy.

Daisy woke up groggy and still a little drunk on a couch with several discarded cans strewn about. When she stood up, she knocked a few of the cans over, and without panic, she collected them and placed them on the coffee table that sat in front of her. She didn’t remember much, but she did feel a tad closer to normal than she had in the past few weeks.

“Marco?” Daisy called out softly to the sound of silence. She looked around the room, and despite it slowly throbbing with her brain, she saw that he must have gone to the bathroom or something. The room was how she left it, except for a big ass bottle of whiskey that seemed to be half-full and an empty glass that must have held said whiskey. Just then, a noise of a woman made its way down the stairs, Marco was up there- Daisy knew it- but who was making that sound? After a moment or two, Daisy had concluded that Marco must be fucking somebody up there, which made her uncomfortable. The room was dark, and the TV seemed to just stare back at the poor girl. A few more grunts and moans wafted their way down the stairs. “Alright, I’m going…” She thought about her home and her father. What had she been doing here? Wasting valuable time? She didn’t know, but she knew that her father would be disappointed in her.

As she stood up, she felt the alcohol pump its way around her arms and legs, and she felt dizzy. She picked up the glass, and examined it- a part of her knew that she was drinking this whiskey too. Just when this discovery entered her brain, she heard Marco yell out the word fuck, which was followed by the words shit and bitch. Then the silence commenced. Daisy thought about Marco and wondered how many partners he had and who would come over when there was a girl over to fuck like that.

A few minutes of deliberations lead Daisy upstairs to tell Marco, now that he must have ejaculated, that she was going to leave. She was not prepared for the horror that she would enter in upon. Initially, her eyes jotted toward Malcolm, who was still dangling by his neck. She screamed and then looked down to Marco, who was on the floor being choked out by a woman who was obviously beaten up. Her face was black and blue, and all her facial features were swollen.

Daisy didn’t have time to figure out what she was looking at as she saw the woman on top of Marco, so she stupidly asked, “What’re you guys doing?” Marco attempted to talk, but only spit and bubbles emerged from his mouth. The woman had forced a shoe across Marco’s throat. As her understanding clicked in, Daisy yelled, “What the fuck’re you doing?! Get off him!” Before she could imagine what to do, she kicked the woman and grabbed Marco’s hand and lifted him to his feet. He coughed as he couldn’t maintain his breath when Daisy yelled, “Who the fuck are you!?”

As the woman attempted to talk, Marco took a quick step and kicked her in the face.

Daisy yelled, “What the fuck?”

Marco looked to her, and solemnly said, “Shut up.”

Daisy couldn’t think straight when she asked, “Who’s that?”

Marco took Daisy by the hand and said, “You gotta calm down and shut the fuck up. OK?” He took the glass out of Daisy’s hand and took two steps toward the battered woman, and with a few swings, the woman was dead.

“You killed her!?” Daisy screamed, she fell backward and just about fell down the stairs. “You didn’t have to-”

“Daisy! I told you to shut the fuck up! So, shut the fuck up!”

“Sh… sh… she’s…”

“I had to! I was protecting you, that woman wants both of us dead.”

Daisy looked at the woman and felt that there was something familiar about the woman, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it possibly could be.

“We should call an ambulance.”

“We’re not doing anything! Let’s go down-”

“No, you have to tell me what’s going on,” Daisy said calmly.

“Daisy, it’s complicated.”

“We’ve got nothing but time.”

Marco nodded sadly and frantically attempted to think of something when-

“Malcolm was my friend, but he started acting weird.” Marco sat down with Daisy on the couch. He took a swig of the whiskey that was left on the table, and he tried his damndest not to throw up- the whiskey was too harsh for him. “He was with that woman, and she told him to kill himself, and he did. Then she started yelling and screaming, so I went to talk to her, and she attacked me. She just wants to kill us.” Marco’s lies had even surprised himself. “I think we should just leave.”

Daisy just stared at him, she believed him, but there was something wrong with the story, and she couldn’t put her finger on what it was.

“Are you OK? That was pretty gruesome.”

“Yeah… just wasn’t expecting to see… well any of that shit, really.”

“Shit has been pretty awful lately… people killing people, needless.”

“Says the guy who just killed a woman.”

“I was protecting myself, ourselves.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Marco wiped his hands of the blood on his pants and leaned in towards Daisy and kissed her. She was still in shock, but this was a pleasant surprise for her, so she kissed him back. He placed his hands on her neck and gently pulled her closer to him. When their hips met, she let out a slight moan. Marco felt that he had her right where he wanted her, so before he pulled his dick out, he kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear, which Daisy liked a lot.

“I don’t know what to do with that.”

“Just touch it, play with it. Put it in your mouth.”

Daisy nodded, and with trepidation, she put his cock in her mouth. Marco moaned, which she found was a pleasurable sound. She grabbed the base of his dick and licked his frenulum- she had seen it in a porn before.

Marco leaned towards Daisy and said, “Take your pants off.” Nervously, she agreed and did so. Marco put his body over hers and placed the tip of his dick against her pussy and said, “I’ll be careful.”

His dick felt good, Daisy said, “Fuck me.” He pressed his cock slowly into her body to find resistance – she wasn’t thoroughly wet yet, but Marco slowly pushed in and backed off until her juices were flowing. He could feel her cervix, which made him feel like a man.

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