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Apathy, Chapter 31 The Impala

August 28, 2019

Daisy, in her withered state, sat in the car with an angered look on her face. She had thought about the people who were missing, and then she thought about the man that tried to bike his way to her home just to see how she was doing. There was a lot wrong with the situation, and she felt frustrated that she couldn’t figure out what to do. Ronnie and Jim had left the woman alone and returned to the mountainside where they lived to retrieve clothes for the woman. It would be another few hours before they returned and she felt a need to take action, but she was just wasting time as she couldn’t decide what to do. As the moment began to fade a text chimed on her phone, and before she could look down, she knew what it was. Jim and Ronnie couldn’t figure out what to bring back. For some reason, they began to argue about going into her underwear drawer. She stared at the asinine text and simply asked, Can you just bring me what’s in my laundry hamper? She figured that she could find a laundry mat and wash her clothes herself.

Just then a car erupted out of the garage of the police station and before Daisy could make heads and tails of it, she was following the vehicle. The car took careful sharp turns down alleyways and long rural roads until finally finding itself into a ditch by a small hangar in Redlands. Daisy had let the car take a substantial lead, so when the driver walked out of the car and waved for a ride, Daisy felt a need to oblige.

“Are you OK? What happened?” Daisy asked as her window lowered a crack.

The man looked flustered, and his voice was shot, he said, “I… uh… I’ve had trouble with the power steering on this machine, and it finally took a shi- I mean it crapped out on me.” He smiled a half-smile with a lot of concern in his face when the door unlocked.

Daisy said, “I’ll give you a ride. Where are you heading to?”

Nervously, the man said, “I was heading home.” The door closed and locked as he put on his seatbelt.

“You live out here? By an airport? If you want to call this an airport.”

“I was just testing the car, I had put in some new power steering fluid, but it still drives like its been drinking.” The man laughed insincerely and continued, “I live back over in Highland. It is a bit far out of the way. Where were you going?”

Quickly, Daisy mouthed some bullshit and said, “My brother is an ex-cop, he owns a small Cessna? Is that what it’s called? He owns a plane and was going to give me a lesson… more like show off really, he’s a real ham that man is. Do you know him? I mean, you’re a cop too right?”

The man began to sweat bullets as the gravel gave-way to the turning tires. He said, “How’d you know I was-”

“Your license plate, that’s a cop’s car. Also, an Impala? Really?”

He laughed and said, “I can find another ride if you have-”

“Don’t be silly, he can wait. Besides, I was early to begin with, so I doubt that he’s even there. That’s the terror of driving long distances to appointments. You’re either too early or too fucking late.” Daisy laughed, and so did the man. “What’re you going to do with your car? Don’t you need a tow or something?”

“I have a neighbor who’s a tow truck driver, he should be home in a few hours, we can come and get the car then.”

“It’s always good to know pe-” Daisy stopped as she glanced down at the man’s hands. “Wh-what happened to your hands? Did you cut yourself?”

“Oh, I had an incident with a perp earlier today. I must have rubbed the wounds open again. They itch- I’ve been doing that a lot.”

“Are you hurt from the accident?”


“With your car.”

“Oh, I wasn’t going that fast. Thank you for your concern.”

“I can take you to the hospital.”

“It’s OK, I’m fine. I just need to put some ice and hydrogen peroxide on my hands.”

The car then sat in silence after that, and eventually, the cop left the car and thanked Daisy for the ride.  She texts her location, along with a quick picture of the cop’s house to Ronnie before she returned to where the car was abandoned- but the car wasn’t there. Something was wrong, and she felt that it had something to do with the missing people.

Daisy sat there, confounded as Jim slowly added quarters into the washing machine. Ronnie was upset about her giving a man a ride- Jim was just happy that she was OK and nothing terrible had happened. Daisy held onto a dirty shaw and wrapped herself in it and explained what had happened, and it just seemed weird and pointless.

Ronnie asked, “How does that help with Albert?”

“I don’t know, but something told me to follow that man. He was a cop, and there’s something weird going on with this precinct. Something very fucking strange.”

Jim stopped touching the machine once it began to move on its own and sat down saying, “What I don’t understand is the reason to crash your own car just to have your car disappear on you? Was he trying to get it stolen?”

Daisy shook her head, confused and said, “I don’t know, but there’s something wrong with his story about power steering… we have to do something. I mean why else would-”

Ronnie then said, “We have to return to work, Daisy.”

“But this is-”

Ronnie sunk his head down and said, “I know, but we have to work. The stalemate is over, and people are traveling again. Remember? The world is ending, so it’s about time we go back to-”

Daisy stood up quickly and yelled, “Fuck that place and fuck you two for this shit!” Jim nervously failed to speak when Daisy continued, “I know you didn’t like Albert much and never really saw eye to eye, but the thing is is that he’s one of us. He’s our friend, and whether you like him or not, I’m going to find him. Fuck this noise about going back to work, you guys should have retired a long ass time ago anyway!”

Ronnie stood up and pinched the bridge of his nose before saying, “We don’t know if we’ll even-”

She slapped him across the face and said, “Fuck you, then go!”

Jim remained quiet, it was as if Mom and Dad were fighting.

Ronnie nodded and said, “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Daisy half-heartedly laughed and said, “Why don’t you not. I don’t need you two to find him anyway.”

Jim thought about saying that he’d stay, but he was worried about what Ronnie would say. Just then, Ronnie yelled, “Jim, you’re staying. I’ll see you guys later.” Ronnie stormed out and attempted to slam the door behind him, but the hydraulic door hinge prevented violence from happening.

Jim sighed and wished that he had gotten clothes for himself.

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