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Apathy, Chapter 30 Apathetic Coma

August 21, 2019

As Daisy approached Marco’s house, she found a sense of dread wash over her, she wasn’t exactly sure why, but there was an aura of hate that seemed to engulf the house. Rancid’s Black lung played as the car was put into park. Marco smirked and said something that Daisy didn’t understand. All she did was shrug before leaving the vehicle. Marco, confused, nodded, and closed the door behind him. The lights were turned on, and the house seemed to be in order. Nothing out of the norm, except for the smell… something was rotten.

“Where are your parents?” Daisy asked as she scanned the house.

“They’ve been gone, don’t really know if they’ll be back… end of the world shit,” Marco lied.

“Do you have any beer?”

“Yeah, liquor too, if you want.”

“I just want a beer, and I want to check out. I-” Daisy paused for a second and then continued, “I can’t deal right now.”

“Is there anything I could-”

“Maybe call Brandy, I dunno. I probably should have called her first.”

“Want me to call her?”

“I suppose I should, I’m just… I want to throw up.”

Marco handed her a beer and said, “I could put on a movie, or something.”

Daisy stared into the distance, opened the beer, and felt the matter suggest change within her body. It was cold, and it bubbled its way down her gullet. As it submerged, she felt the liquid, cold, flow down her chest. The thought of her next move evaded her, and within the next several seconds, Daisy didn’t exist mentally. She checked out and just was while her mind drifted into what could only be described as an apathetic coma. Her mind fired electric impulses existed of nothing going back and forth through her cranium when she remembered that Marco had asked her a question and in her daze, she snapped out and asked, “What? Sorry.”

“I could put on a movie or something.”

“Sure, background noise would be nice.”

The wind caused a body to sway, Marco had left the window open in a terrible attempt to let the smell out. Malcolm swayed with a rope around his neck. In the last several hours, Marco had been busy, and Malcolm felt the power leave him with Marco’s gumption. Malcolm had attempted to teach racial segregation while Marco was too transfixed on letting his violence to exact revenge. Malcolm felt that his lesson about the smart-ass nigger had come across incorrectly and now it wasn’t about warning the world, but now getting a personal vendetta paid for. With this failure, he watched as Marco hunted down an old teacher of his and tied her to a chair in the den where he tortured the woman. Before he had finished, Malcolm’s rope was taught, and he swayed as the life left his. Marco had come across the body, he had gone up the stairs with Mrs. Kahal’s body in tow and threw her in the room with Malcolm’s body. Marco had thought about raping the woman, but the thought that she might enjoy it stopped that line of thinking.

At this point, Marco felt like an adonis, and he needed somebody to worship his cock when his phone began to ring.

“What do you want to watch?” Marco asked as he sat down next to Daisy with a mixed drink.

“I dunno, something I’ve seen a million times.”

“So, what? The Office?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Or we could…”

“Could what?”

“We could fuck. I think you need a good fucking.”

“How did I know that you’d suggest something like that, get me another beer and put on The Office. I’ll think about it.”

As this conversation happened, upstairs in Marco’s room, Mrs. Kahal attempted to stand up, but the pain was unbearable. She looked at Malcolm and felt empathy for the poor mother fucker when she heard a familiar voice downstairs. She cursed in her mind and forced herself to get herself up. There was nothing she could use as a weapon in the room as her legs shook. She had lost a lot of blood, and she felt like she had been demolished by a piston and mortar. She felt the blood pouring out of her ear when she saw a phone. It was a lan line, and it still worked.

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