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Gaps of Knowledge

August 15, 2019

Perk your ears up, but keep your ass down.
The markings on the wall cast a shadow that can’t be described.
Nobody was asking for your opinion
and God knows that we all know you’re holding back.
It’s a shame that the mind wants to make it all about you
and we all know you, oh, too well.
The measurement counters your weathering from the last six months
and you still don’t know shit,
because Christianity melds the cracks in your thinking,
but that only goes so far.
Nasty is the word that you were thinking about.
The crusty memories of an unbridled weekend.
Making up for lost religion.
You’re only learning, and you can only go so far before you understand,

but sadly it’s possible not to learn.
It’s sad that you could never know your own experience.
Paste in the gaps of knowledge with a pretext from ignorant people.

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