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Apathy, Chapter 29 Back to the Earth

July 19, 2019

Unsure of what to do and where to go, Ronnie suggested to head back home, but Daisy refused to listen. She, instead, got out of the car at an intersection and began walking in an arbitrary direction. Jim followed with no thought of his own safety, and Ronnie drove around the corner and found a place to park. As Daisy walked, she heard the sound of anger and dismay.

“Daisy, where are you…” Jim began to ask as he followed behind her when he heard the sound, he asked, “The hell is that?”

“Dunno…” Daisy responded in a daze. She hadn’t heard the noise before she exited the car, but something told her to not give up yet. Eventually, Ronnie caught up with the two after Daisy had discovered what had happened. The searing roar of violence engulfed a city building. As the weeks in the dark ages went on, the world didn’t know how to deal with the lack of communication and technology. So, when accidents, murders, and eventual hateful transgressions occurred, nobody knew what to do until a body was found on the corner of a random street.

Somebody yelled, “What are we supposed to do with these bodies!?”

An official who had been standing at the scene responded by saying, “We’re writing up contracts, and as soon as we find a crew, the bodies will be cleaned up.”

A voice yelled, “That’s not soon enough!”

Another voice yelled, “That should have been taken care of already!”

The official responded, “With the lack of-”

A woman yelled, “There’s no reason that these bodies should pile up like they had! What about the missing-”

The official interrupted, “I assure you-”

Ronnie nudged Jim in the ribs and said, “This is fucked up.”

“What about the missing people!?” A voice cried out.

“Those are all the questions that I’m able to answer; hopefully, we’ll get this… cleaned in no time.” The official quickly grabbed a small stack of papers and retreated into a government building.

Daisy walked up to a woman and asked, “What’s going on?”

The woman, who was crying, said, “They’re just letting the bodies pile up and ignoring the people that had gone missing…”

Daisy said, “My best friend is missing.”

“Good luck, the police haven’t done shit.”

“My friend was last seen with the police.”

“My son went out to buy some bread. He never came back.”

Daisy looked at the woman and saw that she had on a wealth of clothes when she asked, “Who else is missing?”

“I’m not sure, I know that there’s a lot and a shit ton of people that are piled up are unidentified.” The woman left when she returned to a gaudy gas-guzzling monstrosity, it was known that this woman was wealthy.

Daisy understood and looked to Jim and said, “We have no idea what has been going on down here.”

Jim said, “Yeah, it sounds like a total mess…”

“That’s a nice way to say a total shit-show, but what can we do?” Ronnie asked, annoyed, and tired.

Daisy, still very weak, said, “I’m not sure, but we have to do something.”

Albert was concussed as he was being knocked around the trunk of a car. Nothing seemed to make sense, but he knew that he was frustrated and confined. He desperately wanted to spread out and be comfortable, but he was unable to figure out why he couldn’t. All he could concentrate on were the bumps in the road, and the quick turns that the driver had been taking just to add insult to injury. He felt the blood leaving his body and the hard plastic that he was somehow contorted with. Things felt bleak, but he couldn’t understand as to why. He softly hit the bottom of the trunk and felt so fucking obliterated. He felt his life dwindling down to an exact moment- then the car stopped, and he felt the sensation of doom wash over him. It was like a cold chill that could have been caused by the lack of blood. The blood was getting cold as it pooled underneath him.

Then fresh air scurried its way around him, and he felt the blood on his face dry when a voice laughed. Albert panicked, but he couldn’t react at all- his mind was bleeding. When he hit the floor, the small rocks on the ground shocked his senses- he poured out of the trunk and onto the ground face first. A few more blows from the cops bloody messy Sketchers gave Albert enough room to start to blackout. He wasn’t ready to die, but he felt how it was going to engulf his mind, and he knew, despite barely understanding what was going on, that he was going to die. The sensation of cold water slowly flooded up and around him. He didn’t sink nor did he float, he just was as life became unbearable. The pain was slowly fading away, and he could feel the world around him start to integrate his cells and his atoms into itself- back to Earth.

A blur of a thought tugged on his arm, and just when that happened, he felt his body float upwards four feet. The sound of metal clanged as red and blue lights slurried around him. He felt his cheeks jiggle as a light shown itself to him when his arms were punctured with needles. His body ran with more chills, and he felt himself start to surface.

When the cold water subsided, it was several weeks later.

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