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Apathy, Chapter 28 Redundancies

June 25, 2019

After hours of waiting and nothing being said except that Albert had been released, Daisy, Ronnie, and Jim agreed to take the young girl home. Maybe Albert was there, but with no line of communication that he did have readily, it made no sense to think that something but foul play was involved- they tried not to think about it. As they approached the neighborhood, something felt off. There were dark red puddles that driveled down into the gutters from the middle of the street- the street smelled like iron. Something was wrong, and nobody knew exactly what to do when they approached the empty lot that used to be Daisy’s house, she panicked.

“What the fuck!” Daisy yelled with little regard to Daisy, who had gone through a similar event so many years ago. “No fucking way! This is bullshit!” She was in shock and didn’t seem to understand why this would be happening. She opened the door of the car, which was not at a complete stop, and ran out. Her feet fumbled, and she fell on her chest in the middle of the street before she quickly got up and ran to the rubble of her domicile. Mrs. Fields came walking out of her house and greeted Daisy- she couldn’t feel the blood draining out of her elbows, but her neighbor dabbed them with her shirt as she cried.

“Why is this shit happening?” Daisy cried.

Mrs. Fields said, “It was so much worse than that. Thank God you weren’t home.”

“Where’s my dad?”

“I… I don’t know, dear.”

She cried in her neighbor’s arms as the older Daisy approached with a place to stay, but she didn’t want to go back to the mountain, she wanted her life back. She wanted something familiar. She called her friends, but nobody answered. Brandy’s corpse just laid there as the phone rang on her persons.

Daisy wondered, Why is this happening to me!? The only other person that she felt that she could call would be Marco, and to her surprise, he answered.

Ronnie, Jim, and the thin cold Daisy discussed what to do next, but the young woman had a plan already, and it was being set in motion.

Marco was happy to drive again. He felt the engine roar and knew that his kinship with the vehicle had remained. As he drove into the neighborhood, he recognized the violence that had once occurred. He wondered if anyone would recognize him, but it was imperative for him to obtain his next victim. He was surprised to hear her ask to be taken to school first, but he said that he’ll oblige. The meaning of this event was far too emotional. He felt his rage, and sexual desire heighten as he took the poor girl and scooped her up off of the street and placed her into his car. She smelled good, this was not what he expected.

Before Marco could drive away, Jim knocked on the window and asked, “And who are you, again?”

“I went to school with Daisy,” Marco said with a disingenuous smile.

“Have you talked to any of Daisy’s girlfriends?” Ronnie asked as he approached behind Jim.

“She’s been on the outs with them, I suppose. I’m not sure. I can give you my address if it makes you feel better. My phone number too. I know how this must look.”

“How do you think it looks?”

“A guy picking up a young woman after something tragic happened. It’s a shame, but I have no ill intentions.”

Daisy picked her weak head up and said, “Just let us go, guys. Maybe dad’ll call you or had already. I dunno. I just…”

The older Daisy looked Marco in the eye and said, “I don’t know if I trust-”

Daisy yelled, “You aren’t my mother, I just fuckin’ met you yesterday! Fuck, just let us go. I don’t want to be here anymore. I just want to sleep on a nice bed and be comfortable, for once.”

Daisy nodded, and so did, Ronnie. Jim did as well, but only because the other two had done previously.

Jim looked at Ronnie and then Daisy and said, “I don’t feel right about this.”

“Neither do I,” Daisy said stoically, “but what’re we supposed to do about it?”

The group watched the car drive away as Mrs. Fields introduced herself and confirmed that she had never seen that man before, which put in more concern with the group.

Daisy looked off in the distance and said, “Fuck.”

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