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Drama Queen

June 17, 2019

The nature at which my mind wonders is about half the notion of which where it stammers to do simple thought or just be-
human is not a thing one does well.
My stomach is tucked away neatly in my throat and I don’t see the end of this pain.
The pain at which that has plagued my body for the last…
I was going to say few, but it had been far too long with this pain.
This feeling of neglect for my self as a person that has somehow manifested itself in a welt that bleeds and dictates my comfort.
I am not comfortable and I hadn’t in the last few years, but that’s beside the point.
The boiling point subsides itself by the mere guidance or lack there of.
It’s the point at which my mind explodes with rage and indignities,
but I hadn’t done that yet.
I’m looking for solace, Ringo.
Yet there seems to be no point to meander.
The fleshy overtones that cascade our lives are frivolous.
They’re just another reminder of the ever impending doom that plagued existence for the better part of forever.
Simple yet powerful waves of destruction reach the innermost emptiness of human existence-
The thing that we strive to do, survive.
Like a beetle trying to shit out larva to maintain a reason for being,
we humans do that with little regard to our actual reason for-

The dire circumstances that revolve around the reveled disdain of our fallacy of existence crumble on one notion that bleeds out the ass as much as it heals.

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