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Apathy, Chapter 27 Moot

June 17, 2019

A gun sat neatly in Daisy’s purse, she had often thought about it, and it made her sick to ever think that she would have to use it, but the need almost engulfed the older woman as she ignored the similar feelings that the younger version had been going through.

When the two found their way to Jim and Ronnie, they were standing outside of the police station. I wanted to pistol whip the two for not standing up for my goddamn dad.

Who were these men, anyway? I thought as the two attempted to explain themselves. You could tell that they knew that they were in the wrong. I asked what happened just as Daisy had said the same thing, and the two ignored me and froze in a strange acceptance of fear. They were definitely afraid of her, but why? I mean, she was dying right there in front of us.

Daisy asked in an angered tone that evoked the exact amount of fear that would conjure up the ability to act out of character, “What exactly are you two fucks doing just standing around here when they’re trying to put Albert away for murder?!”

Ronnie took a step forward in a cowardly away and said, “They won’t even let us talk to him.” These moments were passing through my mind as I stared in the cold eyes of who was to be known as the “Superior Officer.” He didn’t hesitate, nor did he say much but that Albert, my dad, was let go. Let go, out into the world where it would be up to him to decide what he would be doing. I found that odd, knowing that just a few hours ago we got a phone call, a phone call that I was told would have been impossible to have been made. They assured us that their systems weren’t up yet. Their systems can’t even make a normal phone call, so they said. This doesn’t make any sense.

Daisy didn’t do much but smiled and assured the man that she knew that he was lying. She didn’t do much after that but just try and out bluff his bluff. Nothing happened.

I looked at Ronnie and Jim, and they were useless. A name, Strabler, was uttered a few times, but that didn’t mean much, except for the fact that the officer seemed to know who this person was. Jesus was it cold in here.

The moments were dwindling for Albert, and he could feel it. The blood had dried on his face, and he thought that it was a matter of time that he’d be murdered and tossed into a ditch with the rest- his mind had no time to think. Right then, a plain-clothed officer grabbed Albert and took him to the garage. Police cars lined the parking lot, and several police officers stood in front of these cars staring at Albert as he stumbled to the ground in front of an opened trunk. The officers took their time to express their frustration in the incident and relayed the feelings through their nightsticks that struck Albert across his body. Bones were broken, words were said, and the generalized notion that he was going to die was stated with a barrage of racial epithets. Then they put poured Alberts body into the trunk of the car and the plain-clothed officer, who didn’t seem to get a drop of blood on him, drove away with his body.

This made much of what would happen next a moot point.

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