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Apathy, Chapter 26 Red Tape

June 7, 2019

The hospital room was overly lit as Albert laid there with a hole in his arm and an understandable disdain for the rat bastards that handcuffed his good arm to the bed. At this time in his life, he could barely rent a car. The vibrations in the operating room were hectic, he could feel the intensity of the doctors. They didn’t care if he lived, but would rather have him die. He was affiliated with a gang that was later translated into the video game state as Grove Street. Albert found himself trying his damndest to think of excuses as to why he had been seen with Shay, let alone shot in the arm when he was with her. The malnourished looking white girl that had a reputation for sucking a cock for the better part of a five dollar bill- this was a lie, but her reputation wasn’t that far off from the truth. So, when a jilted ex of hers found out that she was fraternizing with a lackadaisical gang banger named Albert, well it was a matter of time before the two were punished for being free individuals.

One day after buying a few tall boys from a local carniceria, a car pulled up and emptied several clips into the air between the two. Several bullets went through the poor girl, and a single bullet ran through Albert’s arm. He fell backward and remained on the ground as the woman was sent through a myriad of hateful phrases and a barrage of projectile pieces of metal. She had finally hit the floor when the car pulled away. She had crystal meth tucked in her underwear, which was another reason why they kept Albert for questioning. They claimed that his affiliation was the reason for the hit and that she was a bystander that got in the crossfire.

These men were doing their civic duty.

These thoughts of a time long ago went through Albert’s mind. He was done with his petty crimes, but neither this nor that was because of his petty crimes. They found him at a crime scene, and he acted accordingly. That was the problem. He had stayed out of trouble for over twenty years, but that didn’t mean anything. The cops had said at some point, Once a gangster always a gangster. The anger was justified, and the due process was corrupt, Albert really didn’t know what the fuck he was going to do.

As the Daisy women walked into the police station, some woman screamed and cried, “He needs to stay in there! He killed my baby!” Daisy looked at the other one with concern. Word was getting around of a Presidential Pardon during the “dark times,” but that didn’t seem to be on the officer’s minds. They assured her that the issue will be taken care of.

The way it worked was simple. Enough complaints about a person that was in custody and the police will, in turn, “Old Yeller” these “dip shits.” Popular opinion seemed to be the deal breaker. Luckily, nobody was clamoring for Albert’s demise, but they weren’t about to let him go free. The police had done a number on him, and by letting him go, he’ll only find a lawyer and sue the shit out of the precinct when the time comes to finally allow technology to rule again. They allowed the red tape to revel the fact that Albert was not going to go free any time soon. Not until his wounds would heal that he’ll be allowed to walk free, but this wasn’t good enough.

The sick Daisy screamed, “If you can’t allow me to see him, then I have to go to a higher authority, and I’m not afraid to do so! So, if you aren’t about to let him go, then you better allow me to see him before I have someone come down here that can swing their beaurocratic ballsack around here!”

The officer asked, “Who are you going to call? Your senator?” He laughed a shitty laugh, Daisy laughed as well.

Daisy said, in a very calm fashion, “No, but you’ll see.” She smiled and walked away. She made a phone call that leads to another and then leads to a third. The young Daisy thought that she might have been bluffing, but then her eyes softened, and she smiled a kind smile and said, “Hi, yes It’s Daisy. Yeah. I’m… I’m fine. Just one thing. Yeah. I know. They said that there’s a Presidential Pardon. I know. Weird. Anyways, the precinct here at the…” She paused and then said, “Yeah, he’s being held for no reason…” She stopped and looked up at the officers and said, “I understand.” She hung the phone up and said, “There’s no reason for you to keep him, so go get him.”

“Unlikely,” an officer said with a scoff.

Daisy smiled, said, “Go ask your superior officer.” She then walked back to a bench by the wall and sat down. She wondered where the fuck Jim and Ronnie were, but she had pressing issues at the moment.

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