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Apathy, Chapter 23 Loaded Gun

May 6, 2019

Just a few hours before the electricity would return, Marco and Malcolm polished their guns- they laughed about how their (misguided) attempts at creating a new society would be the downfall of the western civilization. The basic ex-punk rocker that never seemed to figure out what the protests were actually about had a vague idea on how to bring about chaos- he was the same basic guy who would pump his fists to a song like Johnny Hit and Run Pauline by X.

“Just listen to me, man. It’s not about what you think it is. Gimme Gimme Gimme by By Black Flag is about how we’re all basically doomed to each other’s selfishness. We gotta do what we have to, I’m a fucking LOADED GUN!”

Marco nodded his head and knew that he was talking bullshit, the song is just an old song that doesn’t really mean to mean anything. After years of listening to protesters from the seventies and eighties gave way to Malcolm’s beliefs and his misguided understanding of what his problems are, which were well beyond obsolete.

Time stumbled on, with Zed strapped to his belt, Marco felt the cue when he heard somebody yell, “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” He snatched a carrot from the table of finger foods, raised his gun up, and bullets flew through the air into the crowded backyard. The first three hits were satisfying to Marco, they ran through a man’s neck, a woman’s chest and her support dog. Blood sprayed behind her to the shock of the crowd. Stephan stood at a pulpit and barely contemplated what was happening, he had been much too far in his own head patting himself on the back for what he had somehow Forest Gump’d his way through. Marco stood right in the middle of the backyard’s sliding glass door, while Malcolm was to his left taking cover as he shot through the crowd methodically. Eventually, a few bullets found their way through Stephan, and more people screamed. Just then the emergency lights started to flash, and Marco ran in towards the unarmed crowd with Zed and began swinging in every which way. Zed wasn’t heavy but had corners that put damage on anything it hits. Marco felt like he was in the movie 300 as he hacked his way through the crowd.

Then he saw Brandy. She had slid backward from the force of the projectile and seemed to be at peace. He didn’t remember shooting her and wish that he had. He looked around and saw his point value. One point, across the board. He had killed a lot of people, but they didn’t mean anything, because he didn’t kill Brandy. She was worth a hell of a lot because she knew him and he knew her. He didn’t particularly want her to die, but if she would be murdered in a mass murder, then he felt that he should have been the one to do so.

After the last person was put to rest, the two hid and waited, but nobody came by. The shots were heard for miles, but the world was too preoccupied with their reclaimed dependence of electricity. So, after an hour Marco and Malcolm made their way through the carnage and sifted through the bodies for cash.

The two walked out of the building with no resistance, and they returned to Malcolm’s home so that they could listen to music that Malcolm had mourned.

When the electricity came back the world rejoiced! The voices rang through tears of frustration lifting. It was almost immediate. A man, reading by candlelight, notices that one single light in the hallway had lit and it transmitted the information that things had changed and that, without everybody exactly knowing why, the magnetic poles had switched back. Men cried through shrieks of their significant others. The freedom that was forced upon the world was over, and the self-appointed oppression was allowed to continue. It would take a few hours for servers to be rebooted, but within the three hours from being raised from the dead social media was ready to start tracking the world again.

Albert told the story to deaf ears. Sheriff William nodded several times too many and attempted to explain to Albert that these men that were murdered were good men. That was when Albert’s demeanor dropped.

Sheriff William held his arms akimbo and said, “I am not saying that people aren’t capable of doing heinous things, just saying that the men you’re talking about are, in fact, good men. I know them, all too well. Kevin and Burt, their family goes to my church. These are not rapists nor thieves. They’re reliable men.”

“I want a lawyer.”

“Why don’t you tell me why you murdered these men? And where is the young girl that was with you? The one that I was told was covered in blood.”

“I would like a lawyer.”

“That’s how it’s going to be then?” Sheriff William asked before he punched Albert in the temple. “What now?”


“Why did you-”

“I didn’t kill anyone!”

Sheriff William sucker-punched Albert again and yelled, “Don’t you fucking interrupt me again, boy!”

“I want a lawyer.”

“Maybe, or we could just rid of scum shit like you and be done with it. I mean, yeah we’re back in the current century, but it’s not even like thirty percent. Why shouldn’t I drop you in some ditch, then?”

“Did you talk to the men I was with? If I go missing, well then you’ve got shit all over you.”

Another set of knuckles flew across Albert’s face. Sheriff William yelled, “Don’t you fucking threaten me! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”

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