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Apathy, Chapter 16 Prophets

March 8, 2019

Marco felt the cold liquid stick to his pant leg as he sat with his legs dangling off of a fire escape. He looked down to the patio area for The Vault and thought about his actions. A presence stood behind him that languished over the clientele of the once vibrant bar. It was a matter of minutes before a word was uttered, but a matter of seconds before the man sat down next to Marco.

“Look down there, it used to be better,” the man said with a lackadaisical anguish to his voice.

“What do you know?” Marco asked angrily as the handcuffs cut deeper into his wrists.

“I’ve been around a bit, and I see it in you. The anger that the world used to have, but now things have to be so happy and wrapped up in a nice little package. Like some sort of Disney Channel TV Show or something… it’s wrong. We should be angry, and they’re preaching peace and love. Where’s the rock and roll?”

Marco took in his words and asked with concern, “What do you mean?”

“You have the right idea, and I have been targeting this place for a while.”

The night was cold and working its way toward morning when the prophet decided to speak. It was not an eventful night, what it was was stalling and praise to the man who will make sense of all of this. Brandy watched with her phone clutched in her hands. The tales of the prophet Stephen. Not just a man, but so much more. She didn’t believe the stories, but around six in the morning when he walked into the backyard, it all made sense. He wasn’t magnificent, nor was he special… he was unique. He observed the crowd for a long twenty-minute pause and made his way around to each table. Staring deep into everybody’s soul. His presence weighed on Brandy, there was something more, and she couldn’t figure it out but knew that there was something.

He returned to the pulpit and said, “I see you, and I see your anguish. It’s a frightening time, and we find ourselves governing for the first time, and I get it… we don’t know what we’re doing. I want to remind you that this life that we’ve lived has happened all of a sudden-like. Unlike the millennia of human beings who have lived in a non-technological life before us. Please, listen to what I have to say, I know you’re scared, and I’m not trying to make you do or act any differently than before. What I want to impress upon you is a perspective. Look around you, we’re all very affluent here, aren’t we? We are all very well off, and I want to remind you to be humble. Those with much live with much and lose very little, whereas people with little lose a lot and in certain scenarios- they lose it all. That’s all I have to say about being rich, and that’s all I have to say about being poor. What I mostly want to discuss is perspective.”

“Look to the sky and shout out what you see.”

A man yelled, “Blue.”

A woman stated, “Doom.”

“What I want you to see is a cosmic misstep. Do you not see what we’re here for? We should not have existed at all, and as a human being race, we should take comfort in that we have no purpose. Life is funny like that. It’s fickle, and it does not restrain itself from the chaos and hate that can spew upon living human beings. So, we can’t take that personally, we just aren’t meant to be, so take solitude that we had in general. I know, I know that this is not what you were expecting to hear, but look at the people around you, look at them for what they really are! Accidents, we’re residue to the existence of the universe that serves a purpose that we don’t understand! That’s what I want you to focus on! That is the main thought process that I want to leave you with! Once you feel like you’re a part of something you can truly be proud to be minuscule! Take existence as being a part of something bigger, you may not feel important but it wouldn’t be the same without you, much like it is to be a part of a loaf of bread. We may not be seen, and we may not be tasted, but as the yeast of the bread we are an important additive to make the loaf reach its full potential.”

His vague rhetoric seemed to strike a chord with people. Brandy watched with intensity, he made no sense, but perfect sense too… this scared her.

Then as he spoke, he felt his hair start to move. In the audience, he saw pieces of grass and other light objects begin to float, and he felt the moment arise. So far he hadn’t been saying anything and he knew it, but if he were to be talking at the exact moment that would concern himself into the return of civilization as we used to know it, well he would have to take it.

“So, I SAY!” Stephen began to yell. “PUT DOWN YOUR APOLOGIES AND PUT YOUR LIFE ASIDE FOR THE ORDER OF MY GOD! OUR NEED! TO RETURN!” Just as he heard an old flash bulb begin to charge in his pocket, he yelled, “BRING OUR LIVES BACK TO WHERE WE ARE MOST COMFORTED! NOW!” Nothing happened, but Stephen knew that he had them. “Anybody have a cell phone? Please check it, does it work?”

Brandy stood up screaming with tears, “OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

Malcolm put his hand on Marco’s should and said quietly, “I told them that I am a counselor for violent kids and that I could help you. I want you to help me, let’s ruin this place and spread our anger with the world.”

“What do you plan on doing?”

“I want them to know that the world isn’t happiness and PC culture, human existence is hate. I want to remind the world that hate is what makes this shit go ’round.”

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