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Apathy, Chapter 13 Tiki Torch Liberals

January 5, 2019

The Jehovah’s Witnesses stood in a living room that contained pictures of a family that looked very different than themselves. Three bald men sat on the couch with a staunch look on their face and a sense of sadness in their gaze. The Jehovah’s Witnesses began to pace as they took in the situation. The two men had a face of disappointment as they gave off crass vibrations.

“So, how much were you able to get?” The Number 1 Jehovah’s Witness asked. The plan was to rally the people and rob them while they were out, but things had gone out of hand, so the gang finally regrouped almost a week later.

A bald man asked, “What about-”

Number 2 yelled in a ferocious voice, “We’re very much aware of Robert and the fact that Marvin is missing!” The group looked like children that were in trouble.

“I just want to know how much we made and what should our next move will be?” Number 1 asked in a very calm and soothing voice.

“Who has been missing?” Someone asked.

“What do you mean?” Another asked.

Number 2 paused for a second and asked, “Who in the neighborhood? Everybody didn’t go to the Neighborhood Watch meeting, though.”

“I bet it was those niggers,” a bald man said with hate.

Number 2 brought his hand to his chin and said, “Yeah… out of the neighborhood, they did stand out and felt like they were hiding something when we went to the house.”

A bald man asked, “Cause they’re black?”

Number 1 laughed and said, “No, cause they’re niggers. Go check out their house. Shouldn’t be living in a place like this anyway. Bring your guns, you know how those people get.” The men stood up and nodded. They packed their weapons and left.

Robert’s body was dragged out of the middle of the road and displayed at the entrance of the street to persuade anyone passing by to stay away from this place- it smelled horrendous.

It was just starting to get dark when the three entered the house, the first bald man said as they closed the door behind him, “I am not a fan of B&E’s…”

The second asked, “Why? We hardly ever get to do anything this fun.”

The third stated, “I kind of expect booby traps, like a Home Alone thing.”

The first said, “I’ll take the basement, you take the garage, and you check the upstairs.”

The third went into the garage and found it to be an ordinary- “HEY!” The second yelled. “Nobody up here, but there’s a shit ton of blood!” He investigated more and found suggestions of a safe or compartment in the room and noticed that it looked like the closet was raided. He searched the other rooms and there just seemed to be nothing noteworthy, except for the blood. The third saw nothing out of the norm and went down to the basement where they found Marvin. He was tied down with several bullets in him.

The first said, “He looks like he was tortured.”

“Shit, what do we do now then?”

The second, from the top of the basement stairs, said, “Let’s torch this place.

“Fuck it, might as well,” the first said as he began to walk away. He lit a cigarette and casually walked down the street to the house he had just left. He grabbed a gas can and nodded to Number 1 before leaving. Within seconds the house was set on fire. The three exited out the back, and the third just about fell into the pit. It looked like a grave to the men. Curiosity set in with the first as he began to get angrier, “They killed our brother, decide to bury him and just leave him to rot in a basement? That’s more than fucked up… if anyone sees these niggers, don’t hesitate. Fuckin’ kill them.”

The three exited into the front yard and started to walk down the street- back to the house with the gas can in hand.

A man smoking a cigar on his porch yelled at the group, “That ain’t right. Why you gotta do shit like that?”

The first yelled, “Stay in line, or you’re fucking next! We’re keeping you safe, but we can also torture your ass! So shut the fuck up!” Spit flew in every which direction as the man listened and began to shut the fuck up.

The winds picked up the smell of the burning house and spread it across the neighborhood, much like Robert’s body, it was a statement. In the night, it negligently glowed to the morning where it was rendered into ashes. Luckily for the neighborhood, it didn’t spread, but the mound behind the alleged grave sat an enormous amount of money that Albert would definitely want to get back at some point.

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