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Simple Thing Called Life

November 9, 2018

I thought I’d pontificate, but the world asked me to be silent.
It’s nobody’s fault, I just end up being too violent
with my words! A spellbound attention to detail in minors.
Subsequently, leads a mind space of terrorist deniers.
Just to insinuate a major scale that sacrifices its merits
in judicial rhetoric that creams in its own ways of a degenerate.
Fuck this simple thing called life.

Any more supercilious notions of hypocritical symphonies
that bring to light any quaint ideals over misguided felonies?
I’m sick of the world in its own morbid self-pleasuring cock sucking.
No need to pat yourself on the back with a dick in your mouth- mid eye rolling.
Let’s look for the bad guy, so we can castrate him and make our world once again united.
Another sense of misguided frustration in a world where we only commend how we are divided.
Fuck this simple thing called life.

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