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The Mind is One’s Enemy

November 7, 2018

The start was innocent and quaint.
God, How long ago was that?
The Melding of mind makes me face
the truth of… I can barely see through the haze.
Skid marks down my legs
a reminder of my dumbass age.
Rumble tumble- I’ve been regurgitated
just because I now know no other way.

I’m ruined
I’m wasted
I’m lost
I’m feigning importance.

God let me ask one simple question.
What kind of empathy do you have up there?
The life of a person we get little if any.
Though I understand if we’re allocated none.
Head hangs dry, justification of a narrow-minded space.
Where’s my growth? What am I doing here?
Body runs limp, sad, and sorrow- I coagulate.

I was ruined
Used to be wasted
Found my way
I feel indubious.

There’s something that’s a-brewin’.
It’s been at long at my feet,
However, I can’t just formulate the feeling I have about the disparity.
It’s neither a feeling nor remorse, but the hatred of a bruise that wraps ’round my mind.
It tightens and tightens and I cannot breathe.
Until finally I get a gasp- after a whole week without sleep!
It subsides, and I’m a person again.
Ruined, Wasted, Lost, and unimportant.

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