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Apathy, Chapter 7 A Long Way in the Silence

November 2, 2018

Mrs. Kahal gave me a peck on the top of the head before saying, “Be careful, it’s dangerous out there.”

I responded by saying, “I will.”

The street was bright and quiet, no planes, no cars, not even the sound of kids laughing and playing. There was only silence. The moans and crying emerged on my way home. It was a long way… a long way in the silence. Every time I came up to an intersection, I’d hit the button, and just wait… but for what? There weren’t any cars coming down the road. Maybe a guy or two trying to push start a manual transmission, but it wouldn’t help. The cars were all just heaping piles of metal that did nothing, and they were everywhere.

Thoughts of my father came to mind, and I’d hope to God that he’ll be home when I get there. The day started to quit,, and I just prayed to get to my house soon enough, I’m not about to start running- but if I have to, I will.

As I walked I let the silence engulf me, it was nice, in a windy sort of way. The wind surrounded me in a tizzy as the world stood still. God, was this what life was like back when people had time to stop and think? Or stop and be ignorant? Whatever, it just felt amazing. Two things had happened to me at that moment, the imminent death that was forcing me to face the situation also made me stop and smell the roses as the world decided to stop in its tracks. God, what the fuck is this? It’s a doomed miracle, but I feel alone in this feeling of…

The car is not in the driveway… that doesn’t mean that he’s not home.


The voice startled me, but I recognized the voice almost immediately, “Oh, uh, hi… you scared me.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” it was Mrs. Fields. She explained her situation, and I agreed that it is terrible, and if she’s in that situation then that means that I’m in that same situation. I left her and went into my backyard. My dad laughed at her for getting that Google Home thing, saying that they’re just going to fuck themselves over eventually, and here we are. He’ll get such a kick about it if he’s here I’m sure he’s already had.

As I unlocked the back door, the shades flew open on the door window, and a sigh of relief came across my dad’s face. He unlocked the door and pulled me in quickly, he locked the door again and gave me the biggest booziest hug.

“Thank God you’re OK!” He said as he nearly split me in two. “Do you know what’s happening? I thought it was a power outage, but then I watched two planes go down… so I panicked and laid low, is it a terrorist thing?”

“You didn’t feel the-”

“I woke up, and it was like Bosnia!”

“It was the meteor… astroid… whatever the fuck that shit is up there!” I yelled as he broke from his hug. “I was at school when-”

“You still go to school?”

“What else am I supposed to do?”

“I guess, many people go to school now?”


“That we’re doomed? That we’re fucked.”

“I don’t know if it’s all that bad, they say they don’t know what to exactly expect, but we could have up to twenty years. That’s a long time to be living like this.”

“That’s true, but we could cope with life without electricity.”

“Without electricity!? I thought the power was out!”

“No, the science teacher explained it… let me try and explain, uhh-”

“The world is without electricity? That’s what you’re saying, right?”


“Hence the planes.”

“Yes, hence why the Fields are having a hard time getting into their home.”

“I saw them on their front lawn, I thought they were terrorists wanting to watch planes go down!”

“No, they have that electronic lock Google Home thing.”

“Oh yeah! HA!” Dad said as he stood up as quickly as possible and ran to the window. “Look at those annoying ass fucks! Good for you! YOU DESERVE THAT SHIT!” He turned to me and asked, “D’you know what that motherfucker said when we moved in? What they said to our neighbors on the other side?”

“Yeah dad, they called us coons.”

“Fucking assholes! I fucking hate them!”

“Yeah I know, that’s why when they asked that we take them in I told them that we were in the same situation.”

“You’ve always been a smart girl. Wait, how would you suggest a person go from here, up to the Village Green?”

“The resort?”

“Yeah, I figured as a fallout, that’d be a great place to retire to.”

“Because you used to work there?”

“YES! Jesus Christ Daisy, you act like I am being cryptic!”

“Sorry, pops. I dunno, a bike? I don’t fucking know I don’t even have a fuckin’ high sch-” I stopped talking because the shots rang out. The house had no candles and no silhouettes in the windows. Once the shots rang out, we ran to the compartment under the stairs. Screams and yells rang out along with laughs from the outside, and we just hid.

Life became a buyer’s market when Malcolm found another reason to kill. He found his technological disadvantage as the reasoning for the reckoning of mankind. As word laid stagnate, he found the calling by a higher being. The words that were created within his mind and were traveling within himself made him feel at one with his inner beings. It’s not just mental illness, but a struggling childhood that provoked this once Italian American to dissect mankind into categories of who should be sacrificed and who should be saved.

He now calls himself a New World Order, which is such a lazy way of saying asshole. This revelation would come a whole eighteen hours after the glorious event, but not until he realized that the world is now trivial. He saw men running amuck, word traveled slowly, and when it did, it was mostly a rumor. It was only after a few days that people got the idea that the world had discarded its technological advances, which they didn’t understand nor did they ever want to understand. That was when the cults began to run stronger than they had ever before.

I got a letter the next morning, it was from Brandy, a makeshift invitation to something called an Apaca-luau, whatever the fuck did that was.

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