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Apathy, Chapter 5 Quiet Chaos

October 5, 2018

Why would Mrs. Kahal laugh at me because I called Marco?

“Marco Marco?” She asked between laughs.

I said, “Yeah, I mean he’s a nice guy.”

“Is he now?”

“Yeah, he told me that it was awful about my brother and that he hopes that we’ll hang out sometime before… well he said before we all die.”

“Interesting, now have you had a class with him?” She said as she stood up from her desk and sat down next to me on a small left-handed desk. “Marco Sanchez, right? Thin little twerp?”

“He’s not a twerp.”

“Here,” she stood up and walked over to her desk and brought back a small stack of papers and plopped them in front of me and said, “Read this shit, he’s got issues.”

“What is this?”

“Remember freewriting? We did it at the beginning of the year, back when we thought the meteor would miss us. Well, that’s what he wrote.”

“This is… what the hell is this?” I said as certain words would pop out to me. Awful shitty words like cock, cunts, force, and worship. “He wrote this shit? Then turned it in?”

“Yeah, he’s seen the councilors, and they say he’s a normal boy, but something about him worries me. Does he know where you live?”

“I think so.”

“Just be careful, if you’ve been flirting with him.”

I said, “I will.” Then we just sat there in the musk of it. Papers in front of me depicting disgusting-

“You feel that?”

She startled me, but I responded with, “Huh, what?”

“It’s like static.”

I could feel it. It felt like there was a static electric pull upwards towards the ceiling. Like tiny little tendrils pulling us to the sky. It wasn’t strong, but I felt as if my hair was being summoned. I looked at Mrs. Kahal and screamed! Her hair was standing on end, and I could see her struggle to keep her shirt and skirt down. Then the scary shit started to happen. Staples, paperclips, and paper started to float and then out of the blue they all flung straight for the speckled tiles in the ceiling, but those were all out of alignment and were floating too! Mrs. Kahal screamed, and I couldn’t tell, but our voices became one as it swirled around in the quiet chaos. I didn’t know what to do, so I continued to scream. It made more sense to scream at something, so I screamed at Mrs. Kahal’s coffee. It was slowly popping out of the top of her coffee cup lid- one drop at a time and floated there, it lingered as it slowly got bigger and bigger.

Just as fast as it started, it ended.

Everything fell: the paperclips and staples, a lot of the tiles from the ceiling, and the coffee with a splash on the table.

“The fuck was that!?” One of us asked as we panted awkwardly.

Mrs. Kahal was on her phone first, and what would have been the first Google result for the question, What the hell was that!? was bricked.

“Well, looks like my shit is dead. Yours?”

“My phone is off, too. I had 60%.”

We went outside, and there was a handful of us. Teachers and the rogue students that went to school, but what was more evident was the presence of the fucking thing that will eventually wipe us all out in a matter of who the fuck knows. It sat there in the sky, and it looked more pathetic than anything.

Mr. Irving, the science teacher, laughed and said, “Well I’ll be damned! The combined gravity of those two things… well they certainly pack a frightening wallop.” He looked at the rest of the group, and all of our dumbfounded faces lead him to continue, “You know, how the tides are dictated by the moon. Well, now we’ve got a moon and a half of gravitational pull. That’s… well… cool and scary. Granted, when the moon and the meteor are in alignment. I wonder what will happen as the thing gets closer…”

I asked Mrs. Kahal, “Did you see your coffee?”

She nodded and said, “I gotta see what the ocean looks like when this shit happens again.”

Bomb the Russians by Fear ceased to play as Malcolm sat there in awe as he watched the items in his room rise for no reason whatsoever. He felt electric! The world was changing, and he wasn’t sure about it, but it felt positive. The hatred he felt had been now justified, and he felt the need to make more tweaks to the world. Change it for his best life. He saw it all for what it wasn’t and ran with the idea. He looked out the window and saw people just wondering around looking up at the sky. Heathens, he thought. Just then he noticed that his computer was off. He tried turning on and off, to no avail. His TV and clock weren’t working either. This leads him into a panic.

All of a sudden the world stopped. All the cars, just giant wastes of space sitting in front of homes and businesses. Magnetic polls had switched on the world, and now all electronics are dead. The positive magnetic polls switched to negative and somehow for some reason technology relied on such a condition. So, here lies an advanced civilization sent back to the stone ages. Well, until another moon/meteor pass, which is not something anyone could do by hand on paper, but if they could how would word pass around?

The entire world is in an indefinite blackout.

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