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This is Called Depression

August 23, 2018

There’s one sense of character, and that is based on integrity.

The feeling of which where one man could be almost static.

There are people, there are humans, and there are sapiens.

People derive their own futures by undermining the races.

Humans derive their own happiness by undermining their genders.

Sapiens undermine their own existence by being compared to creatures.

There’s no happiness there’s no reason.

The future is told, sex sells.

Sex at a commodity is at its all-time high…


The point within a point.

Persons, Individuals, and Groups.

A Person acts on individual needs.

Individuals act at the time and place of a specific thought.

Groups need more than just a person nor individual to mind them of their needs.

The fact is that nobody is good, everybody wants their own narrative.

The loudest shall inherit, the meek shall detain.

We all know what’s fair, but there is never a reason to deliberate.

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