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February 10, 2018

You sit there, I watch.
I’m just a porcelain representative of the mighty dollar.
You sit there, I watch.
There’s nothing here to bring you a sense of peace from squalor.
You sit there, I watch.
I see the connectedness of what you see as honor.
You sit there, I watch.
The subtle dignity you lack- acts like a collar.
You sit there, I watch.
I’ll wrap my hands around your neck to cease your awful holler.
You sit there, I watch
You cease in breath the lack of air, you are in wallow.
You lie, I watch
the heart stopped pumping, now you are as follows.
You don’t exist, you must
forecast the hate I feed in you-you are in sorrow.
It’s ended, you aren’t
The malformity that I exist continues tomorrow.

There is no release
because my hate acts like an optimistic belief.
There’s no end to hate
because of my criminality, I cannot relate.

The human existence.
The thing at which nothing exemplifies the least amount of resistance.

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