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Man-bun (do’s and don’ts)

June 7, 2017

Words cannot express the state of men’s fashion, but I’m going to give it a hell of a try.

Women have been cursed with the sensationalism of beauty and shame for how they look forever. It has been an uphill battle that had yet to be won for womenkind, and I find it appalling. There’s no justification in which women should be held to such a standard beyond what is physically possible. Cindy Crawford has even said, herself, that she could not look as good as Cindy Crawford. (I didn’t use quotes because I didn’t look up her exact quote).

Now what I’ve been seeing are men wanting to be subjected to just as women have been in the realm of fashion culture. I find this with thin men, who find themselves attractive. I assume that they feel obligated to hold their integrity high in the sense of being fashion forward- but why? Why put yourself in such a place that you feel that a man-bun is worth sporting? Or curling your mustache to an awkward shape, so you feel like you are ‘cool.’ The fact of the matter is that it just seems like a generalized peacocking that gives the laziest of men the ability to seem like they’re ‘trending.’ It actually reminds me of a mohawk.

Men, and women, have sported terrible hair styles to go against fashion. They wore mohawks, thick leather jackets, and spikes just around everywhere to show how unappealing they can be. The fashion turned, and at some point, it seemed cool and edgy to do so. Now I see men painting their faces, wearing cartoon character shirts, and express a generalized sense of deplorable behavior. THIS IS THE MAN. He comes in many forms and what we see brewing is the working of the anti-hippie sentiment. Lax, loose clothing gives the senses of a tame mellow dude that abides. What has actually been happening is the rigidity of Man coming to fruition through cool new threads to punish the long-hairs. However, he is a long-hair. Traitor to himself. He comes with righteous vibes and drives down a spike of narcissism.

“But what do you think of my mustache?”

The idea of man is changing. The idea of cool is gone, and all that is left in the rubble is comic book number one. The truth is that it’s hip to be square, thanks- Huey, and people have asserted this for almost 20 years now. There’s no essence of manliness anymore- what we have now is a sense of motherless dicks that take from their abusive fathers. The ideals have struck an extreme. The extreme of personality, which dictates our mood and righteousness. We are Gods to ourselves and the whole as of humanity are peons under our rule, because- look at my shoes! Aren’t they cute?! You can only be one or the other, Democrat or Republican. Sensitive or a brute. People like a black and white culture because it takes away from the need to think. The need to tell ourselves that something is not right. A kid brings in a plastic Power Rangers gun to school, they treat him like a kid that brought a Desert Eagle into the classroom. Take away our rules- we give you our sanity.

Nothing is matter-of-factly.

Take away our rules- we give you our sanity.

We want everything to be easy. Just look at men’s fashion, nothing stands out as close to how women are expected to be.

Take away our rules- we give you our sanity.

The world asks for nothing, and we give it all our self-consciousness. We’re devious and prude. Sad and excluding. We want what we won’t give. Nothing sounds right about that, and the world shouldn’t abide by it. We want to be special, but not retarded.

Take away our rules- we give you our sanity.

Fashion, Society, nerd shit… what we should be concerned about is our humanity, but fuck that right? Humanity is more about them than me.

Take away our rules- we give you our sanity.

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