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Absurdity In Motion

May 15, 2017

To the exiled members of the excommunicated Parliament of San Fran-disco,

I have been informed of a transformative, and toxic, member of your legislative branch. The aforementioned member exhibits such qualities as honesty and acceptance. It seems to me that these qualities must be diminished.  The companies had a meeting, and we feel that the less the public knows, the more we can control. Disney had spearheaded the ‘Global Cerebral Acquisition’ (GCA) with the acquired properties of Star Wars and Marvel- an expensive feat to say the least. Needless to say, the public cannot be privy to such information as who is controlling the weather or the acceptance that Neptune had not died yet. I understand that letting some information out can control a bit of chaos, but overall there are such important revelations that seem to be on the cusp of leaking. I implore you if this comes out the entirety of GCA will be in question.

The following information is confidential and punishable by death if leaked. The Grand Master of Bangladesh has foreseen our future, and it is bleak and on the verge of nuclear fallout. God fearing people, the public, understand such a threat, but it’s not that simple. Disney had kicked it into high gear and started churning out at least 2 or 3 Star Wars/Marvel films a year. Distraction is key.

Distraction is key- for when the bomb hits.

(Key Figure In Government)

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