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Societal Gems

May 15, 2017

“The paperweight is acting up again.”

The alchemist told his pal Reverend Riddenbocher.

To the feigned excellence of their intelligence-

Riddenbocher said with pride, “Remedy the situation and it will be solved!”

The alchemist nodded and studied the object.

Such prodding and chin rubbing occurred.

Nothing seemed to make sense.

The feather sat there in total ignorance while the Reverend watched insipidly.

“I say so you shall be!”

“It isn’t now it must redeem!”  The two chanted with superciliousness.

The paperweight then blew away with the wind, returning to its original form- a feather.

“Curses to thee and all that you pretend to be! Ignorance is your guilt! Death by fire! Death by tyranny! The Gods do not know of your presence yet! Oh, but they will! By God, they will!” The Reverend screamed.

The feather fated by death flew off into the air with ease and without trepidation.

Torment grew in the Alchemist.

Maudlin energy was only encouraged by the Reverend.

Everything seemed to be crashing down until a threat to all mankind swept the nation.

Finally, something to be angry about.

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