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Jeremy, Pivot: Secrets

May 14, 2017

October 2007

As time flowed, the mysteries between each other diminished. It wasn’t long until they exchanged the token word “love.” The two were almost inseparable, and the passion between each other was immeasurable. Yet on certain days, which is how Jeremy saw it, Lexie would seem saddened and would stand off from him. This was usually after they kissed. Jeremy didn’t understand what her problem was, and he’d get frustrated because she wouldn’t tell him. The two would argue, and within the passion of their argument, which would seem petty if anything, they would have sex. During sex, she’d prefer certain positions rather than others because of the brandishing of one’s flaws. He found his slight addiction as a charming character flaw, and she hated it, and the smell of alcohol on his breath bothered her to no end. It seemed to be the one problem that this relationship had.

Lexie never told Jeremy of her disappointment in him, and her thinking that he just would stop drinking was idiotic on her part. She was conflicted, she didn’t like it but didn’t see a reason to tell him to stop. He hadn’t made a mistake yet. Yet, being the inevitable horrible future she expected. She would stay up and worry about him when he went to bars, Dear Lord, was always followed by a long apology for her boyfriend and a plea for his safety. The day that would be presented as the day that “It Happened” was fast approaching. She knew it was bad when she realized that she had been with Jeremy for well over 4 months and he had not yet met her Mother. He, however, hated meeting girl’s parents, so it was not an issue when it seemed to never come up.

That day started with Lexie‘s Mother slowly opening the door to her room and popping her head in, mostly to see if she was awake. “Happy Birthday Sweetie!” Lexie’s Mom said with a grimace as she entered Lexie’s room. Her Mother was never a pretty woman, she had been wrung out so many times by past relationships and rapists that she never learned the meaning of the word rational. Her hair was blonde and short, just out of the necessity of being lazy, she also wore clothes that were too young for her. It was this insignificant fact that made her an embarrassment to be around.

“Thanks, Mom,” Lexie responded in a monotone voice as she receives a hug from her Mother.

“What’re your plans for tonight?” Her Mother asked in an attempt to finally be a good Mother.

“I don’t know.” She responded.

“Why don’t we all go to dinner.” She said somewhat excited as she side saddles the bed.

“I dunno, that’s fine.”

“Bring your boyfriend.” She said as she stood up.

A quick glimpse of fear enters Lexie until her composure settled, she responded by saying, “Oh, OK, I’ll ask him.” She settled a little bit more into her comforter immediately after she finished this statement. Wondering who her daughter was dating, she left Lexie to her room.

That night Jeremy met them at the Olive Garden, which was just 1 block away from the Target that employs him. Nervous, he waited. He is a few minutes early, so he put his name down so he would seem considerate. As he lamented to himself about the awkward conversation that would ensue, Jeremy sat there as he sweats horribly. It wasn’t long after that they were seated. Lexie, Lexie’s Mother, and Jeremy sat there in a weird, awkward silence. Their greetings were quick and slightly in need of jubilation.

“So, what do you do?” Lexie’s Mother asked Jeremy in a feign attempt to be sweet. Just as she finished asking the question, the waiter places a glass of wine in front of the Mom, and with a quick look down the joy was apparent in her face. Lexie sighed as she saw the same thing in Jeremy as the waiter placed a Guinness on the table. Lexie got a glass of water.

“I work at Target.” He said with a sigh, “Not a place I’d like to be for too long.”  Lexie had never heard of him talk about moving onto new ventures, so this intrigued her. Sadly, he only said what he thought the Mom wanted to hear.

“Oh.” the Mom responded, “Like where?”

Not expecting such a question, Jeremy paused for a second before he answered with, “I’m not 100% sure where as of yet, but I’m keeping my sights open for bigger and better.” Nobody accepted this response and, at the same time, nobody said anything to question it. The conversation seemed to get more quenched as the drinks continued to flow. Lexie, during this time, wondered how she was going to keep Jeremy from drunk driving.

“I did… didn’t know you existed until like a week ago.” the Mom said drunkenly.

“Wha? Really? How come babe?” Jeremy said just as drunk to Lexie.

“I don’t know. I don’t share much with my Mom.” Lexie pointed her frustration at the Mom.

“That’s kind of fucked up ish-isn’t it?” Jeremy said as he stumbled over his words.

“I think I should know these… These… THINGS! I’m your mother for God’s Sake!” the Mom let out as she wished that a tear would streak down her cheek. Clearly, a disturbance was enrooting.

“Shh, stop. This sucks, let’s go home.” Lexie, full of pasta, stated as she attempts to get up. Slowly, but surely, the others join her. Jeremy followed her home, and once he parked he heard the two arguing from her car. He, being somewhat lucid after the drive, observed the confrontation from the safety of behind his car. He stood next to the driver side door, just in case a quick get-a-way was needed, granted the get-a-way would most definitely deliver him into the neighbor‘s living room.

“FUCK YOU!” the Mom yelled at Lexie as she got out of the car and started to stomp towards the front door.

“Mom, I’m tired of this!” Lexie yelled back louder and bolder, she has done this before. “You need to handle yourself!”

“You’re just a selfish little cunt! I’m embarrassing!? Fuck You!” the Mom yelled as she slammed the door behind her. Sad and a little more battered than she showed, Lexie glanced towards Jeremy. She sighed, and the aforementioned tear crawled down the Daughter’s cheek. Jeremy just stood there next to his car, he wasn’t prepared to meet her mother nor experience anything like this. Eventually, he got the picture and started to walk towards her. As he approached, she leaped into his arms, and she started to bawl. The two stood there for a few minutes, as Jeremy paced in his mind. Deciding for her, he lead her to his car. Nobody said anything, especially once they got back to Jeremy’s house. He sat her down on the couch and walked to the refrigerator. Pulled 2 beers out, he handed one to her. She accepted it, and Jeremy put his arm around her as she snuggles into his armpit and neck. She took a swig and looked up towards her man. With his brows furrowed, he stared off into space. Slowly, she started kissing his neck, and eventually, to his face. The passion they had that day was the zenith of their relationship, and sadly it was the beginning of their dissolution.

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