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Jeremy, Pivot: Momma’s Boy

May 3, 2017

2. Sometime in June, Jeremy: 24.

Jeremy, several years ago, sits crossed legged at the edge of a pool. His friends Jacob and Mike are swimming in the water. The clear liquid had never looked more enticing on this hot Summer day, but Jeremy was self-conscious. Contemplating getting into the water, he hears Mike’s mother calling out from a few yards away.

“Burgers’re Ready!” Jeremy, again self-conscious of his body, remained seated. Despite his hunger and excitement for hamburgers, he sat still seated. It’s not that Jeremy was fat because by today’s standards he was most definitely average, but it was that he always took his queues from girls. Despite the fact that his self-esteem always seemed to alter his opinions. He always felt that a girl could not be into him because of physical attributes. Sadly, he had never cared for a girl, because he always wondered why they ever liked or cared for him. He wondered this because he thought, in his mind that there was something wrong with them for them to be into him. This emotion seemed to emotionally cock-block the girls from ever actually getting to know him and physically cock-block him from ever getting laid. Without the confidence to take one’s shirt off and the small amount of fat around his midsection, Jeremy never had gotten into a pool, and not much has changed this day as he sat next to the pool and watched his friends have fun. Mike’s Mother called again for the boys to get some food.

A few seconds passed when the sound of tittering emerged from around the corner. Jeremy was the only one who looked up, this was mostly because he was the only one who was able to hear. Two young girls rounded the corner, it was Mike’s neighbor Lexie and his sister Danielle. Chatting to each other, they walked towards the pool and started to remove articles of clothing. Watching the girls take their oversized shirts off to reveal a sexy swimsuit, rendered everybody aroused, granted boners were easy to come by at that age. Danielle, as pale as she is, has a brown bikini with blue polka dots on, it would seem that even her brother, Mike, must have a hard time from touching himself to an image of that girl. She had long dark flowing hair with small little dry areas of imperfections on her shoulders, and if that wasn’t enough; God gave her acne as if he were ashamed that he gave this girl all the beauty that he did. Lexie is equally as cute as Danielle. However, she is darker in hue, which made the yellow bikini that she is wearing seem to pop a little more than usual. Lucky for her, she evaded acne but has a small scar on her cheek that she is self-conscious about. Lexie is an average height girl with jet black hair and olive skin, she grinned at the boys who watched her take off her large shirt. She knew she is being watched, and she was just getting used to the idea of her ability to abuse her power of sex.

“Guys! Burgers!” Mike’s mother yelled from the window in the house. Fear entered everybody’s mind and soul. The boys were afraid to get up or get out of the pool fully erect, so they wait. Trying to keep their minds off certain attributes, Jeremy’s mouth watered thinking of the delicious burgers to be had.

The two girls jump into the water, and as they slowly emerge Jeremy stands up, bends his cock to the side, and briskly walks towards the house, more specifically towards the kitchen. Mike and Jacob seemed awkward to the girls as they stared at the blurry water at what would appear to be their bodies.

“Where’s your friend?” Danielle asks.

“Fat boy wanted to eat.” Jacob jumped in trying to appear to be the dominant male.

“Burgers,” Mike states.

“I’m not deaf.” Lexie scowls at Mike. The four stood in the water stagnate, unsure of what to do or say, they drift as Jeremy returned with a plate with a burger.

“There’s fat boy,” Jacob said jovially.

“Fuck you, I wanted a burger, so I’m going to get a fucking burger. What’s your problem?” Jeremy states quickly and poignantly. Jacob stood shocked, Jeremy had practiced that line in some other variation before.

“Damn.” Mike quietly let out of his mouth as the two girls laughed at Jacob’s humiliation. Jeremy glances at Lexie, who stood in the waist high water. He made a notion of noticing her, and she shyly reciprocated. The rest of the group did not witness this transaction of intimacy. Jeremy had never been good at flirting, nor had he ever flirted with a girl that he hadn’t even properly met, but he was still feeling confident from his come back to Jacob. Then as if clockwork, everybody went back to their initial business. From time to time Lexie will glance up at Jeremy, as he relaxed in a chair regally, with admiration.

Jeremy pondered during this time, about Lexie and how to approach her. Relishing the thought of asking her such questions in front of his friends, he concluded that there could be no feasible way to get this girl alone. Just as that thought passes, Lexie sits down right next to him. The two talked frivolously, as Jacob and Mike whispered to each other jealously, for a few moments until the ball gets thrown into Jeremy’s court.

“What do you do for fun?” Lexie asked thinking that she was coy.


“I dunno, mostly go out. Chill.” Jeremy responded.

“Go out? Like a date?” She asked.

“I don’t really date often enough to say that that is something I do.”

“So you don’t date often?” She asked.

“Not really,” Jeremy responded.

“Yeah, me too. I don’t really get to go out too much.” She replied waiting for Jeremy to take the bait and ask her out.

“I usually wouldn’t know what to do. Where could ‘we’ go?” Jeremy collected his thoughts and quickly panics over the inference of the two of them going on a date with the pretense of presumption. As she half listened she quickly turns her head at the sound of the word We. “I’m sorry, I meant…” Jeremy tries to apologize until Lexie interrupted him.

“Where would we go?”

Trying to be as couth as possible, he just goes along with her inquiry, “I don’t know, somewhere to eat. Maybe see a show?” Jeremy was remarkably calm for being as nervous as he is. “Moscow!?” He said inquisitively, Lexie laughed.

Not being clear if she had accepted Jeremy as a date she asked, “What was your best and worst date of all time? I’ve had horrible dates before.” She laughs as this 19-year-old recounted the last dozen bad dates and Jeremy, 25 at the time, recounted 2 desperate dates. I’ve dated girls just for a blowjob. Jeremy pondered to himself. “What was your worst date?”

Seeing that she was reaching to find something to talk about, Jeremy responded, “I’ve hadn’t really had bad dates. They’ve all ended the way I wanted them too.” She has his undivided attention now. “I mean, what’s there to go wrong?” Jeremy, now being cocky, portrayed his personality with more confidence than was apropos. However, Lexie seemed to be eating it up. Mike and Jacob, in the pool, were now eating their burgers over on the ledge, glanced up at Jeremy from time to time Jealously. Jeremy glanced their way with a grin as if to say, I’m going to make her my girlfriend, and you’re going to want to fuck her. However, Jeremy will never remember this small gesture.

Once his cell phone started to ring, it would not stop! Jeremy looked down, and so did Lexie, and saw that his Aunt Flow was calling. He turned to Lexie mischievously.

“I get them too.” He laughs to himself, and so does she. Ominously, he answers the phone.

“Auntie.” Never answering a call from his Aunt or Aunts for that matter, Jeremy didn’t know how to greet the caller. Then the news hit him. Lexie, sitting close enough and his Aunt’s voice being shrewd enough to hear what was being said, responded by her jaw dropping.

“What!?” Jeremy responded with maudlin in his voice.

“Just get down here.” His Aunt yelled as she weeps.

“Your house?” He tried to clarify.

“Yeah.” was spoken before Jeremy hung up his phone. Shocked, Jeremy didn’t know what to do, and now everybody was staring at him.

“What happened?” Jacob asked with sincerity. Jeremy looked up at him with pain.

“I-I-I don’t know, it‘s my Mom,” Jeremy responded with little to no facts about his Mother’s death. Unsure how to act, Jeremy stood up and started to walk towards the side gate. Luckily, he was able to leave rather quickly, thanks to the self-consciousness of his man tits and beer belly. Jeremy made an awkward, confused and sad exit to his Aunt’s house.

The next few days were strange for Jeremy. His house, which seemed to be full of people during the day and empty at night, was a prying reminder to him. Room after room of memories. Yet, in the back of his mind was Lexie. In the yellow bikini, with her soft- supple skin. Jeremy longed to take her out, but the timing seemed more or less inappropriate. This was where Jeremy’s habitual drinking really started to get out of hand. I have NOTHING to LOSE, so I’m getting fucked up! Jeremy would think to himself as his Mother’s life insurance check sat pending in the bank. It hadn’t even been more than 1 week after his Mother’s passing that Jeremy felt frustrated with the mere fact that she was dead. He had a life to live, and she was his burden, but now with her gone how will Jeremy act? Who is going to be the one to condemn his bad behavior with a hint of guilt? Sadly, it may have been for the best that Jeremy’s Mother was taken. He never cried, nor will he. He just sat there during the wake and funeral with a pronounced scowl on his face. Waiting for everybody to leave him alone, and for his Mother to start rotting so he can forget her. He can’t be concerned with his Mother when Lexie was waiting to go out with him. After all, we all have the ability to be selfish.

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