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We Need a Shitheel.

April 15, 2017

Sardonic winds are blowing, and we’re just standing around with our dicks in our hands. The cosmic joke that is humanity, as yet again lead itself into a huge stink over a few dead members. Nationalism dictates that we do what we can for our own, and I wholeheartedly believe that however, we should look at ourselves objectively. The chaos and hatred we spew back and forth does us no help and pays us mind to our own intellectual prowess. ‘I do because you did.’ This mentality continues and percolates through time and through our bodies and minds to where we’re depraved. We’re shitheads in the mind of the Lord, and you should see that. Who looks at us with gratitude and absolute allegiance? For the United States, there are few. Few, who in the eyes of the Lord, fight for the common man and soar like an Eagle. They bleed Red, White, and Blue- yet they also lie to themselves. They are biased. Committees of lobbyists and philanderers propel our reason into chaos and bureaucracy. There’s a smell that is brewing, and it reeks of self-deserving trite! The answer to our problems lies in the thick headed hatred that religion has created. Our answer to the terrorist attacks and hatred is simple and ridiculous. It’s fascist and empathetic. Not to our own selves but to the world. The world that we’ve concocted in some sort of fever dream. We’ve outgrown our stride, and we’ve caused more harm than good by our mere size. We’re better off as four or five distinct countries than one. I’m not suggesting an uprising, but suggesting a means to the end. Let some fend for themselves and let others be. Bomb the shit out of hatred and let some stand by the sidelines innocent. Downgrade the federal government and upgrade the states. Give a target to what needs to be attacked. The Federal Government rather than our United States.

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