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Equidistant Focus

April 10, 2017

Anger doesn’t protect my insecurities; instead, I toil and seem troubled- for my inner demons flourish. There are times where I wish I were stronger and times I wish I were humble. Sometimes were out of control and others were somber. There are times to look back and times where there’s no future. I pity man, humanity as a whole because they take their lives for granted. They look back and see disaster and chaos, but miss out on the beauty that surrounds them. Focal points damn our perceptions and fool us into thinking that life, as lacking grandiose as possible, is meaningless. The world around us is full and is continuously flourishing of beauty and experiences, but we fixate and lack direction in character. Establishments charter the world from company to company only to reside on our doorstep in a wonderment of mankind as a shipment of consumerism. We’ve figured out how, we wonder why, and we ask when? When is my life going to… life is easily drowned by the fact that we need, want, and ask for how and why. We ask when, but when is now and sometimes when is gone. The ship sailed away a decade ago, and we’re left with regret and sorrow. Old age sneaks up on the distracted, and before long we’re ready for life to be over. What more can you watch? Reminisce? Or Regret? There’s no point in losing all our trouble and giving into the experience of life, but there’s consciousness about it. Where our Fathers had triumphed or failed we should at the least try.

Life is an experience- it may not be skydiving but a good conversation which works for me.

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