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March 27, 2017

The word Edward was looking for was haughty, but it wasn’t coming to mind. What he was reminded of was the word superfluous, which he knew was close to the word he had mistaken for haughty. He wracked his mind until the word was spelled out to him on an internet thesaurus from his cell phone. At which point, he yelled out with the majestic flourish. His pride and reputation seemed right with God as he smirked at his pretentious friend Phil. The look in Phil’s eye wasn’t disdain nor remorse for allowing this interaction to continue to this apparent flourish. The look in his eye was smug. Guilty by association, Phil was one and the same with Edward. Edward raised an eyebrow and attempted to share the concern for the ever growing sense of accomplishment on his friend’s face. Looks, gestures, and annoyance were shared between the two. However, the only one who seemed to be at ends was Edward with a flail of his arms and toss of his hair. The face of smug importance grew when an eyebrow attempted to suggest that Edward was acting queer. This set Edward off. The known homosexual ranted and raved about for the sully of his name and the use of such a word. Pointed fingers jabbed the air between the left and right side of Phil’s face and even a little spittle landed on his lip and cheek. Phil kept cool and sighed as he dabbed his face with a handkerchief. Edward grit his teeth and gave Phil a look that, not only pierced his soul, projected disrespect. The smug look dropped Phil’s squint and allowed his eyes to be shown. Phil looked Edward in the eye, and his mouth portrayed the word contempt with a simple spreading of his lips across his face. Edward froze. Time puttered on for an entire interval of a 3rd of a second when Phil sighed and dipped his head to the left. Eyes open with brows up. Edward hung his head for a second prior, and his eyes met Phil’s. The two stared for an entire unit of 2/4ths of a second and the intention was known.

Phil said, “You done?”

“I supposed,” said Edward.



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