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Yearning to Breathe Free

March 18, 2017

“America is doomed.”

The first words out of the mouths from the bicoastal cities. Making America great again might as well be a form of fascist propaganda. The world is shocked and so is our nation, but how? How are we shocked at the moment that an American blasphemer has become our Commander and Chief? The Americans who are responsible for this, ‘injustice,’ are the ones at the butt of our jokes. The Americans who have been marginalized into thinking that we are better off without a politician. Bring in a businessman and we’re set for success… Perhaps, but I feel that it’s more of a Fuck You to the country in general. The country is far from being united and with that said the country is tired of the same rhetoric. Tired of the promises of peace and change that aren’t absolutely captured within months or years of being in office. They’re tired of being lied to with a smile on the politician’s face. So, we find ourselves here; a country with a celebrity as a President.

Let’s take this opportunity to ask ourselves if this is a good or bad thing.

I find it difficult to gauge whether or not this is a good thing and that is because I don’t know. I don’t know, and I won’t until hindsight reaches 20/20. However, I do believe that we can find positivity through this exercise in absurdity. The mighty office can self-destruct, and if that were to happen then we Americans have what we’ve been needing all of these years- after FDR.

Hitler rose to power and made the German people think that the Jews were the evil in the world. This lead to an attempted genocide and a world war. I am not comparing Hitler with our President. What I’m suggesting is that we let the world know our intentions as Americans and state publicly through protest or media outlets that we don’t agree with what our President is doing. Thus, stepping away from the responsibility of the office and placing our outrage on the one person who is in direct proportion to our disagreement. This has started, but why start with only Women marches? Why not pull our consensus together and stage massive protests between each group of people in this country. The LGBTQ community in association with the NAACP with help from the Women’s Movement and every other group that exists to step out to say together as one, ‘Fuck You!’ to the head of this country in solidarity and unity. Together for the first time. Together as one massive group of Americans.

Let’s take this opportunity to unite rather than sit on our asses and bitch for the next four years.

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