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God’s Eyes

March 12, 2017

The dark decor lay flush with the dark sky.

Everything isn’t right when there is no such thing as wrong.

A moonlight glance and broken glass shimmers in the cold air.

These are nights of indiscretions.

Here for a prank or to steal, God’s eyes aren’t watching.

Dribbling blood rages quick in a man would couldn’t sleep.

Just as fast and just as swift.

A body is lifeless.

The body, now stiff.

Panic arises and delirium sets in.

Explanations or commitment.

Forgiveness or bewilderment.

The truth won’t be spoken.

The lies will surface without ramification.

No two lives are equal.

Thank the laws of God and physics.

Thank the laws of Justice and syncopation.

That to stick with a lie and confess alone.

Not only will he walk free of first=degree.

He’ll walk free through Heaven’s door.

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