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Respect Between the Coasts

February 27, 2017

The state of the United States is a fickled one at that. The idea that we elected in, whether you voted for him or not, Trump into the Presidency seemed to alienate our cities. My clothes even smell like I got them at a hotel, it’s clean… I think. The major change that we aren’t publicly identifying with is the alienation of the midwest. The Trump States that decided to say fuck you to the American people rather than vote with the nation in its best interest. Not to say Hilary was the best interest. It’s fickle and it’s difficult to state outright. Women deserve proper representation, and I do not believe Hilary was it. Sadly, it’d be nice if she was and she won, but she’s… Well, we all know. Trump is no better if not worse, but here’s the interesting part and the underlining meaning behind all of this. The midwest is outdated and not as a part of the United States as the coasts or any of the bigger cities. Why?

We’ve disparaged this group for far too long and when there were two options, they chose the atomic bomb. Why? Because fuck it, they’re not respected anymore.

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