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Neo-Narcissism in a Nutshell.

February 2, 2017

Narcissism is a plague on mankind. We aren’t all that interesting and our own betterment, which can be positive, is often met with a clash amongst each other. We are no better than how we treat each other, and yet we royally manifest our self-preservation with greed and turbulence. Often enough, we intervene with totalitarian ideas in other people’s lives to show how great we can be. This is where our own physical constraints should exist. Respect is an old term that doesn’t apply anymore, but what if it were to make a revelation? Respect through Apathy and Narcissism.

Respect one another by ignoring one’s strife as it does not apply to your own life. Ignore and lack an opinion as long as you are not affected. It’s a simple concept. One could have an opinion, but it should stay with oneself. Even if your opinion on another’s life is good or correct. You should not share said opinion. You should not intervene with other people’s lives. As long as you’re not affected.

If you are affected, then you’ve got every right to intervene. Like I said, it’s simple.

Praise her name.

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