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Delegating Your Shit (A letter to society)

January 21, 2017

You Swine,

The ideals of societal culture seem to project both those of acceptance and exception. The personification of our inability to pursue happiness rest, assuredly, in our minds as a dog with full mental apathy. Look at the world in general and the wise elderly men and women, those who know are subject to a genius factor of unhappiness and agitation. It seems that it’s the moronic that grind the stones of happiness. They’re the ones who, in my mind, are subject to persevere. The unnerving stature of an educated person to find happiness is bleak. It’s the inability to look subjectively at our world in the grammatical nature of algorithms. It’s the work of nature, surely, but society condones this attitude. The forceful wake in which we find ourselves at a daily ritual of pain and garbage seems to propel ourselves into total unabashed failure because that we endure doesn’t mean we don’t understand. What we understand is the failure of our own upbringing and our knowledge that we’ve done something. Whether we know it or not. We’re taught at a young age to expect and detect our own personal success stories. Not to gloat or be a braggart about our wealth of experience, but to expressively gloat and to brag about our success stories. We’re told to accept our success and to abandon our failures as part of the experiences. That’s just hubris, our idiomatic fabric states that we’re products of success. Success in the sense that we’ve never failed. Failure is probably 90% of what I would call life and the inability to fail calls us weak. Except in the eyes of society. The swine. Call a spade a spade and a horse a horse, let’s be straight forward for once because it’s not what we are that makes you proud, society, it’s how we’ve dealt with the shit you’ve slung. Delegating your shit to the meek and upholding your values to the powerful shows what society has failed to do because it’s just another government that needs to tumble. Yet, our unknowing happy cohorts seem to hold the power and the apathy holds it’s government stern in its place.


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