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January 14, 2017

The waterfall was trickling on today.

It was warm, but the water was cold.

Off in the distance is the 210 freeway.

Gridlock, it was early.

The walk up the foothills path took an hour

and there is still more to go.

Maybe another day, maybe when I’m not alone.

There are others around in groups and couples.

They share the majesty of the view.

They share an accomplishment.

Wilderness, suburbs and the freeway has proven to be an off beat beauty.

Even though the graffiti lay awkwardly on the rock.

Nothing seems important and yet nothing is forgotten.

Almost total seclusion.

No signal, so everybody has to talk to each other.

Several conversations pop in between me and my headphones.

Words like beauty and jealous are said.

This annoys me, but there’s a danger in traveling out there alone.

Pictures are taken with groups in front of a view.

I’ve taken some sans me.

Just to remind myself of something I don’t understand.

Just to remind me that there are some things you can’t appreciate alone.



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