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An Elegant Age: a Poem

December 31, 2016

The mere thought burns in the mind, what’s the majesty all about?

Why do plains lie that way? Why does the Earth rotate? Why do cows masticate?

Where does beauty end and when does the ugliness emerge?

An elegant age, at which we live in, fears for self-preservation. But why?

Struggle leads to wars, which leads to individual struggles and fights among men.

We created a God to fear, because our fear is not justified in our own hands.

Our fear of what’s beyond extracts the notion that we are a part of nature.

Why do we do this? Why do we reject our role in nature?

Our role to destroy each other over dirt and boundaries.

We might be here for self-fulfillment, but that’s just sinful.

Purpose is our enemy, because we have none.

Let’s invoke the Lord towards our greatest greed and delusions.

That’s why Heaven doesn’t exist.

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