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Sycophancy Tyranny or Finagled Chicanery (You Pick)

November 7, 2016

The trivialization of our society and culture seems to be underway in a big way and I find myself at a lost for words for our future. It’s not going to be pretty. God knows that it’s not going to be rule-y. We’ve rendered ourselves crippled and from this point on, there’s no place to turn. No way to make a sane decision. Our lunacy is indicative of that. Look at the things we argue about and the state at which we want our world to exist in. We’ve run out of strife as humans that we attack speech. We’ve hit the plateau. I understand that the niceties of our language is a nice thing, but it’s not real. I’m not racist or sexist, but to say something racist or sexist can be funny. Yet, we chastise because we’re preserving… What? What are we even preventing? A person from being offended? BE OFFENDED! Please! It’s the only real emotion that we can react to, but we don’t. We’re supposed to be offended and we act offended and it’s fake. We’re a fake society of sycophants. Pieces of shit trying to rise on a political ladder of superiority over the proletariat. This is not how people should be, and it might just be our ruin. Either way, I’m game.

The superiority complex is something that has lingered in our genetics since the invention of tribes. The idea of being better than another group altogether is just a pathetic notion that we live with and we want or need, because we are weak creatures. We search and strive for a way to feel better, and it’s our ignorance that we continue to do this. It’s so rudimentary, and yet we do it. We all do it. It’s just really sad, and yes I fall for it as well and I’m aware of it. It’s a reaction, like an alpha male syndrome to keep other “lesser” males “in their place.” We’re designed for this, and maybe it was because we weren’t meant to exist this long. The Romans had similar traits before their collapse. Shouldn’t that worry us? No, our hubris dictates our disconnect from human nature.

Is there anything we can do? or is it worth it to watch the world collapse around us?

Let’s hope for a radical change that won’t happen over night, and won’t happen sans bloodshed.


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