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A Letter to Humanity

September 28, 2016

We are born greedy, but this is of a necessity. We have to worry about our hunger and feelings in order to survive to be able to talk and portray said hunger and feelings. It just never subsides. It is us because we can’t get past our self-obsession. We look up to celebrities with no talent, because God dammit that could be me. It’s ludicrous and it’s lewd. For the sake of our humanity, if you haven’t noticed yet of a running theme in these posts, we’ve got 2 options for survival. 1. Get off of this planet before our sun supernovas and destroys everything we’ve come to known. 2. Don’t. It occurs to me that the first option is not fitting for the planet as a whole, but a surviving few to start anew. Anew in the vast reaches of space, which if we haven’t even started to work on it yet. Well fuck.

Option 2: Don’t. This isn’t an insane nor problematic answer to the age-old question. This is simply the end. The sun does its thing and we go up with it. Now, trying to survive in space seems perfectly impossible, and standing by to die seems perfectly probable. What options are there? Humanity’s shitty to begin with, so what is there worth saving? What is there worth saving when a person would rather spend 300 dollars on a pair of shoes than make sure other humans can eat or have fresh water. I think option 2 is our best bet. For the sake of the universe that we let this curse of existence die, despite our natural instincts. I believe we have an estimate of how much time the world has and we should live it up. Let our world burn. Start that war that you wanted. Or give a thing or two to that person that’s been riding your ass for so long. Live it up, because we’re on a hurdling piece of rock that is on a path of destruction that is immanent. Let’s face it, humans are selfish pieces of shit that are in it for themselves first and mostly. So, it’ll only benefit the universe that we go up in smoke with the sun.

There is an option 3. However, given the nature of man I think we’d love to see the rain forest burn rather than bring fresh water to Africa. The problem with option 3 is that my line of thinking, the only way to provide a source of community and charity is to make altruism not be dead. To trick the masses into thinking that doing good for the sake of doing good is better than getting props for that sick donation bruh. We live to pat ourselves on the back, and you can’t just ask selfish creatures to do so without incentive. I have no answer for this, except to incentivize charity work, which is already a thing and it’s going pretty OK. However, OK is not good enough. With fear of the unknown and God on his throne awaiting your arrival, it’s easy to get people to do charity work. However, to tell people that there is nothing out there for us and since you seemed to be alright not existing before you existed. I think you’ll be fine not existing again is a frightening thought for most. It’s not good enough on the basis of my beliefs to help others to help the masses. Again, there’s option 2.

This shit show that is Earth exists primarily because there is a universe. It’s here and we’re on it. Traveling who knows how fast towards an inevitable death. With some good, some bad and a lot of neutral people who happen to love that thing that they’re into way too much. We’re on our way to destruction and we just look blankly into each other’s eyes and say shit like micro-aggression. Let’s put our time and effort into a real cause or not. Let’s watch the place burn. Either way, I’m good.


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