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Sex, Drugs and Spirituality

September 27, 2016

Common sense is lost on us as a species. For every brain with their human entity floating around inside we are succumbed to and tied by sex. We’re supposedly this advanced species who can deduce and draw conclusions, but we’re still mentally challenged trapped in the need to orgasm. Pleasure is sought, it makes perfect sense, because we’re just animals. As I stand here I know that my need to spread genetic material is my basic fault. In reference to the human entity that is trapped by the genetic, physical and the metabolical. At the atomic level we are not the same person we were 10 years ago. Our atoms, over time, have fallen and left our bodies and we’re built up of different atoms. Atoms from a plant that a cow has eaten. So, we are the spongy reactionary sections of our brains. We react and act from one situation to another, and the drive to fuck seems to  be a driving force of why we can’t be spiritual. The spirit that we have decided to embody us can’t possibly exist. Since, there’s such a thing as what we are.

We have fooled ourselves to think that spirituality and sex are essential to each other and good sex is linked with spirituality. To be one with ourselves and each other. To feel our presence become one with a true bond of… OK, if that’s not malarkey, then I don’t know what is. The driving force that we feel and inhabit during said times of true intimacy has to be a type of lust. For the lack of a better word, let’s use greed in place of lust. Greed runs our world because that’s all we are. Want a family? There’s too many people in this world, but you have 3 kids. Want a bigger house? A car? We want to tell someone that we love them because we want to hear it back. Good sex is the epitome of this, we want a human sex woman to make the sex to. For me only. That is my human sex woman. My, me and I are words that we say too often.

This world is made of what we want and what we desire, and yet we’re still not happy. Life cannot be complete. You’ll never finish that first novel or you won’t ever have a million dollars. Given more than 8 decades, possibly, but you don’t have that time. We grasp and cry for everything to go our way, but that’s not how that works. We want to be happy, but that runs out. Experiences drop dopamine into our brains to chemically affect our outlook. Great sex one day is not important the next. Happiness isn’t a constant, just another thing to strive for. For that moment of pride, for that moment of prowess and that moment of conquering. The acceptance of the notion of, ‘hey, you’re alright.’ To advocate for drug use is immoral, but who’s to say that those moments aren’t worth it? I can’t. Life is ruined one second at a time and it’s crumbling behind you. Every day that an opportunity is dropped is an entire experience that you chose to ignore.

Sex, drugs, and spirituality are examples of the fault of our humanity. To think that we’ve been put here for a purpose is amusing. The hatred that we spark, the anger that exists. If people were to be good, then there’d be unity. Instead it’s greed and shenanigans. Chicanery. If you believe in God, then why do you break his rules? Unless you’re hoping that he may not exist. It’s not that God represents anything, but rather God’s absence should be noted as it’s absence. Some times things are just are, and we’re too stupid to think that it was all for a reason. Sex drives us to create to get that million or fail at getting that million. Greed is sex.

We’re built to need a tug or a tweak to release that knee jerk release of dopamine into the system. It’s idiotic, but it is what we are and I’m fine thinking that we’re useless mounds of flesh and bone. This has been re-iterated several times in this blog, and it just goes to show how unorganized that it is, but it’s a relief to think that there’s nothing out there in the shape of saving humanity. This is because humanity isn’t in need of saving and there’s something freeing about that. We’re more like stepped on piece of gum or an abusive father’s stepchild, we’re more of a nuisance than anything.

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