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The Entity of Mankind

September 19, 2016

Natural inclinations that seem to be built into us from birth seem to shed light on the idea of our personality and our traits that make us human. What makes us who we are? How am I me? Seems like an idiot question, but is it really that dumb? There doesn’t seem to be one atom that makes you who you are, and you aren’t a tiny man with levers and pulleys running your body like some steam punk wet dream. We aren’t one thing and we aren’t nothing. We are a combination of a forced perspective that our brain has tricked us into thinking. We’re an entity, not a simple being. It’s not just the cerebral cortex, but chemicals and the shit that we put into our system that affects the outcome of who we are and how we exist to each other. I’m no neuroscientist, but I surmise the brain to work in a way to think we’re the sum of our decisions when we’re only a reaction from possibility to possibility.

The simple question is who or what are we and what makes who we are us? Easily stated, we’re humans with atoms that build us from conception to our current body. We are beings who inhabit a lifetime of about 70 years, average, to only pass on our genetic material to continue the lifespan of our species. What differentiates me from you and how did I, a construct of differentiation, be not you and you not me? This is the hard question. This is our mind. Our brains constructed this personality over the period of time and natural inclinations that happen on the genetic level. Our past, which I’ve stated as a concept of true events, are jotted down in our memory. I say jotted down, because our memory is not concrete and we’re often wrong about what we remember. Trauma has a way to do the same, but remember some fine details and forget main plot lines. Memory is very untrustworthy, but at the same time it could be all we have. It’s a part of our mind that develops our personality and decipher some of our decisions. I suppose we could look at our minds as a home that dwells what we are, but I don’t like that. I think we’re an entity that exists from the different departments that our brain is made up from.

Our brain is split up by hemisphere and the fore-, mid- and hind-brain. The brain works together and separately. Simply, the brain is the culmination of a department working  alone and with other departments of the brain to create one central focal point where we feel our perspective is found. We feel we exist, right behind the eyes, as the person who stands before you. This is the perspective that we are thought to be human consciousness, but that’s a lie. We’re a working power house that pulls from many resources to make us feel that we are in control, but we’re not. We’re products of many different variables, and we’re much less than a creature who has developed a world in which it can control, but a creature who is run by many different factors that our in and out of our own control. All to make us think that we are in charge, but that in its self is the fallacy.

A working entity, like our brain,  is a power house and a reaction core to our body and our personalities. Moods, mental capacity and opinions are based off of a lot of different factors. Narrowing it down to 3 basic factors sheds light on the hundreds of different factors that we face daily. Factors such as diet create a space between our ears that, in some, might affect our drive, outlook and general bitchiness. It’s all based on factors working with different factors. Some people have chemical imbalances and some have some chemicals that do damage and some that do good, the only thing that decipher all this is how we react to the inclusion of certain chemicals and certain foods. Then in the combination of ones ability to be rational throws food intake and chemical balances into or out of whack. Take this notion and times it by how many different factors affect our brains on a physical stand point and maybe we can get an idea how somebody could snap or a person could react cruelly or even rationally. Take this notion of physical effects and add emotional effects from past memories and traumas and you might just find yourself a disorder.

You could ask what makes you you, and it’s not simply answered. We’re all affected by different factors that make us bearable or not, it’s all a combination of our physical mind based on chemical balance, past infliction based on memories or traumas,  and our natural inclination towards or against such situation. We just pull our perspective from many different sources that create our entity. The entity of mankind rather than human being. We are the creation of our own psyche that has tricked us into thinking that we are in control, but we are all just a fleshy reactionary core that pleads in a way to ascertain or discredit some mental disorder or infliction.

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