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The Eyes of the Great Dictator

September 17, 2016

Jesus wept.

It’s the shortest verse in the Bible and has been called the most important. Jesus cried for his coming crucifixion and prayed for his father to spare him the pain and torture that was to come. God said, “Nuh-uh. You got this.” So, Jesus wept. Then if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Jesus found his disciples asleep. Napping, when he needed their combined power to persuade Jesus’ dad to spare his life. Jesus was a man, especially in the story. Jesus was a dude who didn’t want to go through the pain of salvation for humanity. Perhaps, being a man created a divide between father and son. The betterment of humanity versus the betterment of one’s self seems to be our greatest weakness.

Whether or not there was a Jesus is irrelevant. What we should gather is that if that personal struggle was written that many years ago, then doesn’t that just make us no better than we were before? Phrases like, ‘the End Times are upon,’ seems to invoke some sort of need to know that we have to end humanity. That all this that we worked for was for naught and that what really matters is that we go out like a candle. All of us. For we’re afraid of life after death, so let’s bring us all down. Let’s start the pyre. There’s an odd beauty in that sentiment, which is the exact same reason why people are disgusting towards each other. I can’t imagine living without you, nor you me? Murder suicide. Great. We have been on this planet for some time now, and we can’t seem to get a handle on our own genetic malformation. Our need to exist and our need to procreate has over populated the world and it seems that the only true evolutionary step forward from our ‘forward thinking’ is for it to be turned sideways towards our global community.

If the PC culture had taught me anything, it’s that we’re not PC for the sake of our fellow-man, but to turn our noses up and persuade black America that whites are pretty damn cool. There’s nothing more shallow than trying to get a fist bump from a guy you don’t like because of the color of his skin. We are awful people, all of us. We do everything for gain, and nothing for the better. To trick people into thinking that there’s a God and Heaven where you can live a true life of spiritual orgasm is downright demeaning, simply because you ask for money. Your God that you love so much, isn’t for the love of your creator. It’s for the spiritual infinite that you’ve been told is waiting on the other side. Children don’t understand death and they love for the true nature of love. They hear about God and think, ‘That’s pretty cool that you made this shit for us. High Five!’ We grow out of it, and for some reason our pessimism implants bitterness for the world. The world that you’ve created for yourself. The world that you exist in. The one where you complain about your lumpy bed and piece of shit car. The world that you bought your lumpy bed and piece of shit car.

People get dealt shitty hands all the time, and we just have to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and get on with life. You’re no better than the moment you exist in now. I mean, now… The total understanding of what you’ve done in the past and what existed before your existence are made up concepts of thoughts that vaguely remember actions that you’ve taken. Actions that somebody had written down. Never to the T, but in a generalized fashion. We’ll never really know for sure about the stories of the past, but the mere acceptance that it was another time with a lesson to learn makes us better in our present. The remembrance of that awful morning where your back was tweaked or the terrible commute to work reminds you of what you need. Change. Change is done by consciously accepting that you are not happy with the way things are. Not happy with the way life moves out of your favor. Life is this moment, here. Where you are at the moment. Don’t plan to change your life, work on it. Work the struggle, because most of life is just that. The struggle.

I don’t have the answers to the world, and I don’t believe that there is a God. However, I do believe that the Bible can do good in some people’s lives. It can create a sense of calm and charity, because in all actuality altruism barely exists. In my opinion, altruism is ruined by stating any good you’ve done to social media or to physical friends. The fact of the matter is that things don’t change. People are and will be shitty, and I’m fine with that. Just don’t dress it up by projecting yourself as better than anybody else. We are all equally worthless in the eyes of the great dictator and the notion that we’re judged on our bank account is laughable. The only thing I can say is to live. Rejoice in the struggle that you’re suffering through. It’s this time of your life, the present, that you have control over. Cease it. Clasp your grubby little hands over life and enjoy it. Help others enjoy it, I don’t care.

To be completely honest, I don’t give two shits what you do with your life. I just wish the bitching would end.

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