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Prioritize Your Pity

September 14, 2016

Intimacy fails to comfort when our minds are in turmoil, yet we search for release only to reel ourselves back into the abyss of total self-delusion. We are simply animals in the need of comfort and higher living. We lied to ourselves to make ourselves feel important. We lied because we have nothing to live for. We’re celebrated in death and under relentless scrutiny in life. For fear of, who gives a fuck. We are creatures with a history and a hatred, and yet we force a smile and lie to each other to keep our species moving along. The problem with our intimacy is that we’re conditioned to spite each other. We’re conditioned to hate our fellow success story, because it’s ‘not me!’ Life is a dangerous mechanism for those of us who have realized that we’ve got nothing to lose. Life is dangerous for us because we are all in and we portray ourselves as such. Half ass and bust. God, she would be proud that we’ve figured it out. The perfection that we exhume is another fallacy of our hatred for ourselves. We are durable creatures that can be snuffed out with a snip of a cord, and you’re worried about the pleats in your pants? That is wasteful, that is hateful and that is useless meticulousness.

Life will never be a Norman Rockwell painting and it never was. What we have is a gift that we squander with fear and anxiety. I hate to say it, but the people with no shame seem to have figured it out. Worry is wasted on the living. The entirety of your life exists between relationships and the death and creation of more relationships. There’s nothing more and nothing less. The smart, the dumb, the shallow and the deep people of our world all seem to experience similar human experiences. That is because it’s human, and I know that there are exceptions to every rule out there. Fear is just the manifestation of our need to feel that we hadn’t completed what we were put here to do. Yet, we’re not here to do anything. So, what is there to fear? What is there to say to the future of humanity besides the fact that ‘you are doomed.’ Get off this planet and figure an alternative means of existing and we’ll talk.

Let’s put our egos aside and let’s discuss our future as a humanity and what it means to exist. The future of humanity seems to be focused on sustaining life on this planet and creating a perfect place for our children to grow up in. Our seven year plan seems to be to take away the hurt of words and create a world free of micro-aggressions.  We need to be coddled and swaddled, because we can’t seem to handle this cruel world on our own. Is there anything more idiotic than thinking that we’re unable to handle choice words against our kind? People are shitty, they always had been and they always will be. So, let’s kindly shut the fuck up and speak of our need to exist. We need to exist because we’re afraid of not existing. We’re afraid of letting God down, who so graciously placed us here in this land for our need to flourish. Our need to exist is a selfishness that exceeds the needs of nature. We are here in spite of nature. We do what we do to shove our shit in natures face. ‘See! Nature! Fuck you, we’re still here. Go invent another disease!’ We’re here in spite of our surroundings, because in all honesty we shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t be here, but we are. We figured out tools, we figured out weapons and we figured out snarky responses for the teens across the street who smoke their marijuana cigarettes and play their loud shitty music.

Prioritize your pity and put forth an effort to make a positive change, rather than what we’ve been doing thus far. The change that we’ve been reaching for is just as important as the color of the walls in your bathroom. The fact of the matter is that I don’t have the answers, and that is because there aren’t any. Imprison a criminal and let me be shitty. Scrutinize yourself and leave me be, not the other way around. We’re all acting like crazy people who want the best for humanity in our own eyes rather than the best for humanity despite our opinions. That just proves that we’re weak little shits. Humans! Get your shit together! Because so far, we’re failing at being anything but idiotic.

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