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To Ourselves and Our Future

September 2, 2016

Justification of the validation that we need to step into another day is faulty and we’re just meandering. Well, for the most part. What do we need as humans? Animals have it easy, they’re about hunting and sleeping. I’m sure shitting and fucking are after thoughts. Why do we put so much emphasis on the little things? Why do we put so much emphasis on the shit that doesn’t matter. We fill our hearts with the garbage that makes us embarrassed and fake. Why? Why do we look at each other and wonder what they think of ourselves? What is the purpose of our self validation? Do the other animals of the world need such acceptance? Do they wonder about what we think of them? I doubt it. With any evolutionary step forward there must be a step back. We can think and appreciate this world, but oh no! What do you think of me and my penis? That sounds about right to me.

We’re just a bunch of self-interested bastards who feel that our own lives are the crucial point to life’s perseverance. It’s a strange selfishness that we exhume as opposed to feeling that what works for the majority should rule. It never really sat right with me that this was our national debate. ME OR YOU. Look at our nation and it’s politicians. They’re just a group of selfish mother fuckers who want the nation to pay their own retirement and perhaps a hand job or two. How can we look at these fucks and see that they’re going to work for us? Why would we ever expect a human person to not be selfish? It’s science and it’s silly that we’re putting our fellow-man down.

We turn to our friends and our peers for help. We need something to sustain us while we’re alive. We need to take a compliment and fill ourselves with the reassurance that people care for us. We are weak and words hurt. So, why do we put so much stock in what people say or mean? Can’t we all just figure that people are cruel pieces of shit? We’re all insecure and we’re all sad on the inside. The fact that we hide these truths are the folly of mankind, because for our acknowledgement of such things as insecurities and sadness can we attempt to mend our broken minds. We’re born broken, not in sin. There’s no such thing as a perfect childhood, nor should there be. God be damned, we are just tired sacks of skin and organs that feast on the children of steers and engorge ourselves on the plants we grow. All for the betterment of our sustenance. What about the betterment of our kind?

There is no way we can attempt to accomplish anything as a humanity, because anything we could imagine will only fail and leave us destitute on this doomed planet we inhabit. The idea that we feel needs a final chapter, and this is the end of humanity and the end of mankind. Perhaps a similar creature out there exists, but we’ll never know. We’ll never know what matters and what is meaningful, because we’re too occupied by atrocities and our own dicks to figure out what we should be doing. Childlike inhibitions are gone and we aren’t much more than skin and bones that lacks direction and meaning. For God so loved the Earth that he gave his one and only son. If that’s true then where is our redemption? Where is our love? It’s dead. We selfishly love each other for that love to come back. We’re flawed creatures that has no future, but just an end.

We as humans need self-assurance, but we’re just idiotic enough to accept and deny any real rationalizations of our own actions. It’s sad what we’ve become. We pour all our energy as people into mindless bullshit, because we want to distract ourselves from our own mediocrity, we don’t want to know that we’re useless in the universe. So, we lie to ourselves, because we have nothing better to do than accept our fate. However, we’ve denied it time and time again. So, instead of focusing on our world and our eventual doom, we should focus on ourselves and think about the well-being before the vast majority. We do this because we can’t seem to get past our own ego, or we don’t want to think globally but rather personally. What you think of me doesn’t matter and our only real problem is the future of our kind. We’re a byproduct of a universe, so we’re not crucial. We don’t have a future, all we have is now. The end will come by fire and that will be it. To ourselves and our culture.

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