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Ridding It Out

August 29, 2016

I am tired. I feel my eyes attempt to shut, as if I’m on the freeway after work. I’m sick, I feel the back of my throat rasp for lubrication. I’m exasperated. I’ve got nothing better to do than waste my own time and I feel… Well, that’s not important. One day, I’d like to find the creator and give this person/thing a good hair tussling. Precocious fuck. We’re trying, and yet it’s never good enough. We’ve grown past sympathetic God rants into an altruistic anarchy based universe that’s cusp is trying to “teach a lesson.” Great, next think I need is a mob chasing me digitally because these fat fucks can’t get off their lazy asses to burn my ass at the stake themselves. We aren’t created equal and most don’t live to our potential. Life is not fair, and we should understand that by the time you’re considered adults. The worst thing you could ever do to yourself is to think that you’re here for a reason. Take the happenstance and ride it out.

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