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Dead Heroes A.K.A. Sándwich De Muertos

August 29, 2016

If Christ didn’t die for your sins would his existence have been in vain? The monster conglomerate that is our societal masturbation for celebrity atrocities are pre-cumming today. The God damn machine that we worship day in and day out has our childhood by the scrotum and for God sakes! Let the poor bastard go! It’s not every day that a celebrity dies, but this year of our Lord two thousand and sixteen, it might as well be. However, the notion of humility and respect doesn’t exist in our state of yellow journalism. How well do you remember the deceased? Oh, you remember more of the deceased than I do? One pump of a shotgun and a bit of fumbling around with your toe on a trigger will only better humanity.

Journalism is dead, so what are left with? If a death gives me fodder in which my column will be read by the droves, well then so be it. It’s not about the story, it’s about the space in which the story will eat. The ads that will be seen by the poor bastards who read such stories. A death, much like today’s death, will only, buzz, feed the sensationalism. It will only drown our mourning with trivia and masturbatory tidbits of one-up-man-ship. Let’s take a moment and appreciate what the deceased has done for us in our own life… Entertain. Who do you idolize? Who do you look up to? Who are your heroes?

Which of those people are important to the survival of mankind?

Thought so…

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