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Fallacy Fornicating in Our Children

August 15, 2016

The nature of life weighs heavy on those who understand, and I feel like I partially get it and yet it feels like I can’t handle the pressure. The tiresome pressure of what I feel is important comes down to a final resting place that is my mind. I want what’s best for my friends and my family and I feel that that is simply said with no thought of prayer nor gratitude. I care for people, but their thoughts and prayers are for themselves. I’m greedy as well, but I’ve come to find out that I’m not fit for this particular life. I’ll play the games and ramble on past their thoughts and ideals. I’ll be apart of many lives and not be thought about past the seconds I’ve participated. I 100% understand my place in the crowd. It doesn’t suit me. I am starting to feel that my writing and my books are only going to fall along the gutter for my life is not important in the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of celebrity endorsements. I’m a nobody and I’ll probably stay one. I’m looked up to by my niece and my nephew, who are important to me, but that’s it. Lately, I have put myself in precarious situations only to survive. I’m not suicidal, but I feel like I don’t fit in. I would have been successful 50 years ago, but today… Well, today it’s disgraceful.

I see what accounts for entertainment and I see what’s important in people’s lives. My content is not of. What is important is a rapper eating a hamburger in public. Some famous asshole, whom everyone hates, is hanging outside a club in LA and that makes news. It’s all so pitiful how empty life has gotten. What are you supposed to do with that information? Jizz in your pants that Kanye ate at Wendy’s? I EAT AT WENDY’S!? When the fact is that Wendy’s paid  YEEZY to eat at… Well, you get the picture. It’s tiresome, and trite. We should be learning to celebrate  life for all it’s worth, but we’re not. We’re learning to follow celebrity nonsense and to masturbate to their porn. There is so much more to life that we can’t let go, but from what I can see… Well, it’s wasted humility. Dogs fuck in the woods. Cats meow at midnight. I take stock in those things while millions wonder what the next Kardashian is bitching about.

I am bitter. It’s not a profound thing to state, but as a single man who sees the grandiose celebrity lifestyle corrupting our youth into a yellow journalism landscape. I can’t but stop to think that things weren’t much better before. Today’s lifestyle is bent on personal beliefs of gifs and jpegs. Pictures that depict what they believe in several frames of reference. Reference to a context that is supposedly known by all. The severe silliness that we have confounded our political and social understanding to is downright despicable. Do you want a better life or do you want one  that you can predict? Just so you can turn to your shitty aunt and say ‘I Told You SO!’? God damn our world and fuck this unprecedented social upheaval. It’s not about bringing political shame or trying to smear the next candidate. What we need is real reform.

Celebrity is its own entity that should not be a part of a political campaign. A party should be for what’s best for the people. However, our parties are for what’s best for the party. There’s no social or political change that will ever occur between the Democrats or Republicans. All we get is the same shit day in and day out. What’s the use? We have people who struggle for their own keepsake and we struggle on our own to keep a house over our heads. We fight over who’s better looking between Kim and her barely legal half-sister and that wains our interest. Make it burn, I don’t care anymore. I am a patriot, but that seems like a lone statement. This country was founded on great ideas and political beliefs and we found a way to fuck that shit up.

Let’s watch it burn and let’s start over. I’d like to see our youth finally be concerned with their future.

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