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August 10, 2016

Five o’clock and it’s Wednesday. I’m watching a YouTube video about the Suicide Squad and I’m so fucking annoyed. Not about the Suicide Squad or about how in depth these people are talking about a stupid movie that’s only a 2 and a half hour waste. I’m annoyed by the word Squad. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! I’ve heard kids say, I don’t see how this is a thing. I feel the exact same way about the song My Nigga. Friends are great, but that’s it. They’re just friends. Don’t get much past that. My Pals My Pals, My Motha Fuckin’ Pals! It’s idiotic. Lean towards woman, or men. I don’t understand why anyone would be all about their friends rather than being about themselves, or about their significant other? There are much more important things than your friends and the fact of the matter is simple, your friends are your friends. Let’s not be idiotic about it. LOOK AT ME! I HAVE FRIENDS! LOOK AT ME! Ugh. I feel the lack of this newer generation’s sex life is pushing the friendship angle, but look at it for what it is. It’s pathetic. “I GOT FRIENDS. THEY’RE PRETTY COOL.” Most likely that’s a lie.

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