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Life’s simple, death is tough so fuck you

August 5, 2016

The room is spoiled with trace elements of booze and a quiet sadness. God knows not what the moments were for this man. He lived as he died. Silently observing the absurdities of the world. Leftists and Right-ies trying to portray the world as a narrative of grieving hearts and dying beliefs, well it’s all not true. The conjugation of words that our world has become is idiotic at best. Summarizing our struggle into what can only be called bullshit. The terrible rumblings that were finding their way to the surface is our own struggles and insecurities. The witch hunt of who’s the most racist is correlated to the fact that these people are racist themselves. Shining a light on others before themselves, but should they have to go through any of that guilt? NO! The best we could do is say that it’s unpopular and a wrong way to think. However, we’re too dumb of a country to think progressively. We try and think we are, but we’re incapable.

Our third grade mentalities have leveled us products of vapid and insipid programming. Look at what occupies our minds. Look at our potential. Sex and drugs are obvious strikes against thinking, but look at what’s beyond that. Our Gods are now stars that we hate, I’m speaking as a country, and we’re proverbially masturbating to it. Nothing makes us happier than a nip slip or some dirty rumor about a star or starlet who’s now under scrutiny. We’re above this. Aren’t we? It’s disheartening to hear about this, especially since we’re on a rock that’s hurdling 100s of thousands of miles an hour across the cosmos. We’re so insignificant that perhaps this is fitting, but I refuse to think that. We aren’t here for a reason, but we are here and lets do something of interest. Art is great, but there’s no lasting power in that after the sun supernovas. What’s the divinity of our lives? Oh yeah, none.

God works in mysterious ways, and that means that shit happens for no fucking reason and we just have to accept it for some reason. Have we really taken a back seat to what our lives have become? I get the idea that we do what we have to, but to be so unappreciative in nature is cataclysmic-ally idiotic that we should just fucking kill ourselves then. Appreciation is all we have, and nobody feels it, nobody appreciates it. A fucking junkie appreciates life more than we do. Inhalation or an injection puts shit into perspective and we enjoy the moment, but fuck if we’re not doing that as a society. We’re running bases trying to get somewhere that leads us to nothing. Good, you earned 100,000 last year and that you saved a lot. What does that do for you? I’d hate to say YOLO but fuck you if that’s not a real thing. It pains me to see people interacting on a binary level and not see the world for what it is. You got 50 years, maybe more. Do something with it. I’m not talking about curing cancer or saving people from burning buildings, but fucking do something with your life that you can turn and say, “Yeah, I’ve done that.”

I’m tired of people, and forgive me for this saying, pussy footing around trying to get what they want in a round-a-bout way. Seriously, what’s your problem? Do what you want, say what you want and get what you want. If you offend someone, well that’s just a reaction of being human, dumbass. If you’ve read your bible you’d know that people aren’t good, and making a person good is a moot point, unless you scare the shit out of them thinking that they’re go to some basement level burning session. So, let’s burn this shit down. I’m tired of seeing reactionaries trying to earn respect and I’m tired of people I respect trying to get favors by apologizing to reactionaries. Life is not fair, and it shouldn’t be.

If reactionaries were honest, then they’d be working on ending atrocities rather than my speech. So, thank you and fuck you at the same time.

There goes a good man, silent and sacred. He was a wonderful father and a wonderful spouse. Worked everyday until he died and left his family with something to contemplate: Angular Theory of Transgending Authority.



Fuck you.

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