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Apathy, Chapter 35 Easy Peasy

You got this…

Just twenty minutes…

Think of the money. Think of… shit…

Dear Lord, forgive me.

The words emanated in the cabin of the car. He knew that there was an injustice, but that didn’t necessarily mean that he knew that he was doing anything for the right reasons. The car sat there, unknowingly being watched by a sickly woman and a reluctant partner.

Daisy looked to Jim and asked, “What the hell is that guy doing?”

From a distance, it looked like he was shaking off wet hands.

Jim nodded and said, “I have no fucking clue.” The two sat in their car and just watched as James cracked just about every joint he could in his body.

You got this. You got this, and oh! You got this! 

The mantra continued in his head right as he pulled out a pistol from a holster under his armpit. He kissed it and returned it to its proper place. The door closed behind him, and he made his way to the front door of the cop with the Impala’s house. He knocked and waited… then knocked again… nobody answered.

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Apathy, Chapter 34 Casualties

Them Changes by Buddy Miles emanated from the classic Lincoln Continental as it slowly made its way to the police department. A man, who looked to be at least six feet and some change, sat scrunched as he waited for the light to change. His head slightly nodded with the music despite being nervous. He had a snub-nosed revolver in his breast pocket and a myriad of uppers and downers that he couldn’t decide whether to take or not. Dammit, he thought to himself as the light turned green. The car slowly turned into the parking lot. The window was down, and he could hear the gravel shifting underneath the tires. The man parked, and he got out of his car slowly with disregard to anticipation.

His shoes were immaculate, and so was his wardrobe- he had a blazer on, a shirt that had a shine to it, and a pair of pants that seemed to go on for miles. He checked his hair,  but as his friends would say, his hair hadn’t moved since 1997. After taking a deep breath, he walked into the police department and found that it was more of a disaster than he had anticipated, The place was packed with women and men pleading to see their loved ones, but the officer on duty stated that he had no record of anybody by any name in their precinct. Bullshit, he thought as he introduced himself to the officer a mere forty minutes after arriving.

He placed his right hand on his chest, and as civil as he could, he said, “Hello, my name is James, and I am looking for a man by the name of Marcus Mueller. He was taken several weeks ago and-” Read more…

Apathy, Chapter 33 Starvation of Selflessness

Just beyond the entity of despair lies a vast blank plain that stretches far beyond a fathomable thought. The lights, which are long dead, twinkle their way to the disinterested nature of man. The large masses that circle these glowing specks in the sky just are, they exist unbeknownst to the masses. They just accept that something is there and that there is a purpose, but nobody seems to know why. A lack of existential continuity, along with the starvation of selflessness allows humanity to half-ass a meaning for what is best described as a trifle little thing- that is life.

“Where should we go?” Daisy asked with concern to the dead bodies that inhabit the upstairs.

“We can’t go to your house.”

“Rub it in, much?”

Marco hung his head for a second and apologized, “I didn’t mean… I… dunno. Sorry.”

“It’s OK.” Read more…

Apathy, Chapter 32 Narcissistic Whimsy

The day exhausted and dwindled away behind the mountains. It was a devastatingly harsh summer, last year, and this year seemed to yield into something livable for the inhabits of the Earth. The doom still sat in the sky, and the people started making up doomsday clocks just to attempt to anticipate the destruction that loomed over upon the horizon. The feelings of the undistracted seemed to share sentimental explanations of rudimentary expressions of love, while the distracted went on with their narcissistic whimsy.

Daisy woke up groggy and still a little drunk on a couch with several discarded cans strewn about. When she stood up, she knocked a few of the cans over, and without panic, she collected them and placed them on the coffee table that sat in front of her. She didn’t remember much, but she did feel a tad closer to normal than she had in the past few weeks.

“Marco?” Daisy called out softly to the sound of silence. She looked around the room, and despite it slowly throbbing with her brain, she saw that he must have gone to the bathroom or something. The room was how she left it, except for a big ass bottle of whiskey that seemed to be half-full and an empty glass that must have held said whiskey. Just then, a noise of a woman made its way down the stairs, Marco was up there- Daisy knew it- but who was making that sound? After a moment or two, Daisy had concluded that Marco must be fucking somebody up there, which made her uncomfortable. The room was dark, and the TV seemed to just stare back at the poor girl. A few more grunts and moans wafted their way down the stairs. “Alright, I’m going…” She thought about her home and her father. What had she been doing here? Wasting valuable time? She didn’t know, but she knew that her father would be disappointed in her. Read more…

Apathy, Chapter 31 The Impala

Daisy, in her withered state, sat in the car with an angered look on her face. She had thought about the people who were missing, and then she thought about the man that tried to bike his way to her home just to see how she was doing. There was a lot wrong with the situation, and she felt frustrated that she couldn’t figure out what to do. Ronnie and Jim had left the woman alone and returned to the mountainside where they lived to retrieve clothes for the woman. It would be another few hours before they returned and she felt a need to take action, but she was just wasting time as she couldn’t decide what to do. As the moment began to fade a text chimed on her phone, and before she could look down, she knew what it was. Jim and Ronnie couldn’t figure out what to bring back. For some reason, they began to argue about going into her underwear drawer. She stared at the asinine text and simply asked, Can you just bring me what’s in my laundry hamper? She figured that she could find a laundry mat and wash her clothes herself.

Just then a car erupted out of the garage of the police station and before Daisy could make heads and tails of it, she was following the vehicle. The car took careful sharp turns down alleyways and long rural roads until finally finding itself into a ditch by a small hangar in Redlands. Daisy had let the car take a substantial lead, so when the driver walked out of the car and waved for a ride, Daisy felt a need to oblige. Read more…

Apathy, Chapter 30 Apathetic Coma

As Daisy approached Marco’s house, she found a sense of dread wash over her, she wasn’t exactly sure why, but there was an aura of hate that seemed to engulf the house. Rancid’s Black lung played as the car was put into park. Marco smirked and said something that Daisy didn’t understand. All she did was shrug before leaving the vehicle. Marco, confused, nodded, and closed the door behind him. The lights were turned on, and the house seemed to be in order. Nothing out of the norm, except for the smell… something was rotten.

“Where are your parents?” Daisy asked as she scanned the house.

“They’ve been gone, don’t really know if they’ll be back… end of the world shit,” Marco lied.

“Do you have any beer?” Read more…

Gaps of Knowledge

Perk your ears up, but keep your ass down.
The markings on the wall cast a shadow that can’t be described.
Nobody was asking for your opinion
and God knows that we all know you’re holding back.
It’s a shame that the mind wants to make it all about you
and we all know you, oh, too well.
The measurement counters your weathering from the last six months
and you still don’t know shit,
because Christianity melds the cracks in your thinking,
but that only goes so far.
Nasty is the word that you were thinking about.
The crusty memories of an unbridled weekend.
Making up for lost religion.
You’re only learning, and you can only go so far before you understand,

but sadly it’s possible not to learn.
It’s sad that you could never know your own experience.
Paste in the gaps of knowledge with a pretext from ignorant people.